Restore value of the UST and the terra ecosystem

Maybe a lead idea to upgrade the UST.
I know times are very tough right now.
And I thought about the value of the terra blockchain.
The terra blockchain is not just a speculative tool or just a stablecoin.It is above all an ecosystem.
How to upgrade the UST and the Terra ecosystem?
Why not give value to the UST? Not just in terms of stablecoins.
But the fact of holding UST would give real voting power on the terra ecosystem.
1 UST = 1 dollar worth of voting rights.
This would bring real value to the UST.
The validators, thanks to their commissions, would gain voting rights.
The community would gain voting rights over the ecosystem.
Institutional investors / investment funds would gain voting rights.
I hope this track of idea can help the community of Terra.


1 UST = 1 dollar of real voting power on the terra ecosystem.