Restoring Plan PLS read

The main thing is to honestly divide the new tokens when restarting.

  1. take into account the impression before May 9 and calculate in USD
  2. casts 9 may and 10 may and 11 may
    it is impossible for the old holders to suffer.
    but those who tried to help the first few days by buying 20 usd -40 usd also need to give a good part.
  3. speculators who took 50 cents and below should have the lowest priority and their tokens should be frozen for a year or six months. and those who took less than 10 usd should also partially freeze new tokens
    , this wakes up fair for everyone.
    people like my post so that developers can see it.

@dokwon Partial freezing of new tokens is a very necessary and correct solution
the cheaper people took them, the longer the freezing period they should be