Revitalizing Lunc with Games - Proposal 11449

I propose using games to give Lunc vitality. Burn Lunc in another more useful way.

To revitalize Lunc, we cannot rely on it being just another meme coin. We must make it useful, and relying solely on taxes to consume Lunc is too limited.

It should be noted that the linkage between Lunc and USTC has proven to be a failure and a fanciful idea. Instead, we should focus on finding scenarios where Lunc can be used, which is the key to enhancing its value.


I propose using games to give Lunc vitality. For example, when Lunc becomes the currency in a certain game, players can use it to purchase character skins, which can also be sold publicly for a fixed price, say $100, without adjusting the Lunc price. Lunc serves as a medium for player-to-player transactions. When a player purchases an initial skin for $100 and later decides to sell it, they inevitably have to sell it to other players at a price lower than $100, say $90. When the transaction is complete, the $90 worth of Lunc becomes a skin and is irreversible, which is equivalent to the Lunc being burned. As the game develops, skin prices decrease, and players can maintain the value of their skins by reducing the amount of Lunc sold. A small transaction tax should be imposed on player-to-player transactions to prevent unlimited transactions.

There are already examples of finished products, such as the Diablo 2 remake, where players trade using so-called runes or rely on dollars. Why can’t Lunc be integrated to provide comprehensive trading guarantees?

Game company revenue will not be affected by the player market, as the tradable nature of skins will attract more players to purchase them. The transaction tax between players can be used to generate revenue for the game company. Lunc will bring popularity and attract investors to the game.

The benefits of Lunc are that with the addition of more players, Lunc gains more popularity. This attracts a group of vibrant young people, not just investors focused solely on profit. Lunc has actual value and can be burned.

If you think my suggestion is valuable, please send me some tips at terra1sqwqxtshfx60ft7tgfje7nmfyvj9wsup7q2vpt.
I am also willing to join the team if the Lunc maintenance team accepts me. In China, many game companies are unable to set fees within their games due to licensing issues. However, if these games can be released internationally, they are not restricted by licensing issues and can make a profit. I hope to invite these companies to join Lunc, release their products, and let Terra advertise for them, creating a win-win situation.

I also proposed it in text proposal 11449.

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In this proposal, LUNC does not need to make any changes, and it can be said that this is a pure application of LUNC. In other words, using LUNC in more places is likely to give this coin some improvement. And the game, is just a use case.

I think your idea is good and the LUNC blockchain is an ideal platform due to the large number of coins that were minted and speed of txn processing on the blockchain.
A suggestion … you should make it clear that the address you have posted above is the Deposit address of proposal 11449 and not your own personal wallet, else some people may think you are promoting a scam and just wanting people to send you LUNC.

Well, you are right.
I will delete that address in this post.
Welcome to deposit for the proposal 11449 on-chain.

It´s very unclear what this proposal aims to do

This isn’t a proposal for Governance.

You do not need to vote on an idea - anyone is free to incorporate LUNC as their payment token.

Be it games, porn, tips at a bar, sending money to granny.

Might be surprising to you, but I know of 3 MMO games being developed on Terra Classic and guess what they will use as their payment options?