Scam proposal 11383

The post below is a clear scam designed to try and divide the community and promote fud.
So sick of these. It offers no positive or constructive criticism. No offers for future development.
Give this one a ‘No with Veto’.

Zaradar has proven it is not beneficial for the chain for him to continue his role on the L1 team in its current capacity.

Building the block chain back up is not only about coding but about being professional when in a position that has been voted in by the community and is being funded by the CP.

Zaradar has shown time and time again that he will bend the truth to promote his own agenda and doesn’t understand the workings of the luna classic blockchain.

We believe that people who have been voted in and paid to work on chain should be factual and truthful.

This means it is detrimental for the survival and revamp of luna classic for Zaradar to continue his current paid position.

We believe it would be prudent to revamp and streamline the L1 team for Q2

Remove Zaradar from the Dev team and replace him with another entity in Q2

Zaradar, where your “commudity tokens”? What the results ofwork during this time?

‘No with Veto’
113832 = I always vote “nowithveto” for the garbage proposal!

Can someone bring below idea to attention of top guy

One-time burn fee for Stacking

A. All station wallet doing stacking have to contribute a minimum 1 million burn contribution.

We have 5.4 million wallet in station
Wallet stacking will get reward after 10% TDS (tax deduction at source) which will be auto send to burn address
Once the wallet hit target of 1 million burn, TDS will no longer be deducted and wallet will be white listed. Consider this one time charges to make LuNC great again.
Any wallet already sent 1 million+ LUNC in pass will be auto white listed
With 5.4 million wallets, this will result into trillions of burning
this is not infinite burn but 1 time contribution untill upper limit of 1 million reached. So community will be easy to on board to idea
it is % TDS on reward so equal burdern on stacking income
community will be onboard as they know everyone is contributing. (Question of “Why should only I do it” will not arise.
Can someone rhink about it and start discussion on Agora on this. I dont have the expertise and command over english language to make it more presentable

Why is a HR decision making its way to a Governance vote?

Anyway, the accusations are subjective? Whoever put up that proposal probably can’t prove.