Seriously? draw a line at last $ 1 tick before the depeg

How can you draw a line at last $ 1 tick before the depeg?!?!?!?

Look back on the stablecoin history and especially algorithmic stableocoins, they ALL depeg ALL THE TIME !!!

Look at USDT biggest drops over the last years and just another one a few days ago, the same thing with DAI which depag even more, and the ONLY reason that those stablecoins are still alive and recovered, is that their community bought the deep and help them to bouns back!

so what are you doing ??? punish your own community that brought NEW money and spends their life-saving trying to help save your bleeding tokens? instead of rewarding them and seeing them at least as equal, you squeeze them to be the last to be counted ??? do you really think any court in the world will support that discrimination ???

and I’m not even talking about keeping untouched 10% supply to Terraform Labs development (which lead by you) that use to “DONATE” million of tokens to “Luna foundation” (which lead by you as well)

what is wrong with your decision skills? that is NOT the right way to treat other people!!
the only way to make it at all, it’s by a fair and equal way. if you can cut off those that really hurt the project do it, and if can’t, then do not hurt one group just to benefit other groups of investors.

Try again and share a better proposal.

Sir, this is a casino, behind a Pizza Hut’s dumpster.