Should be divided into 3 groups

should be divided into 3 groups

  1. The group of the original holders
  2. Group of holders before closing the blockchain
  3. New holders after closing the blockchain

Yes I agree.

Snapshot should be before the attack
Snapshot at the last halt
And snapshot at the last day he proposed.

Then everyone could be equal.

People who bought during 8 to 12 may are not equal now as supply was 5B at that point and price was high.

So he should re think about distribution and put people into 3 categories!


Yes Yes Yes we want it FAIR!


I do agree ser


Yes thats true those who bought between 8-12 May and still hold it have nothing right now…


why gamblers who had the possibility to get out by a SL for example should get a special treatment, then somebody who is buying now?

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I think doing more than the 2 snapshots would actually turn out to be impossible. Most people would have bought on exchanges and it would require every exchange to do an absurd amount of work. People didn’t just buy once, many were buying and selling repeatedly looking to make profits or panicing as the price fluctuated. Those 6 trillion tokens have changed hands so many times that multiple snapshots would result in many people missing out altogether while many others receive 2-3-4x depending on how many snapshots that are taken.

I held LUNA before the depeg, I bought at ~$60, I bought at $29, I bought more at $14 and I bought even more at $1 and below. Are you suggesting that each purchase between depeg and closing down the blockchain should somehow all be weighted evenly? Then the next person will ask that a snapshot is taken from every day, or every hour.

I get it, it sucks, we are all losers here, but everyone seems to be asking for logistically impossible things to be done in the specific way that minimises their own personal loss.

Judging by the % which is being allocated to users who hold UST at the time of the final snapshot (a lot when you factor in how cheap UST currently is to buy) it seems like the plan is to try and drive the UST price up so that people who still hold their UST and have lost their savings have a chance to cash out at a more reasonable % rather than wait for their full round of tokens to unlock. If you are in this boat I hope this works out for you and you’re able to get as much of your losses back as possible.

I’ll be stocking up on UST to hold for the next snapshot

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