Should UST rebrand and stop being a stable coin?

I see no actionable plan for UST to restore the peg on Luna Classic. It needs few billions in cash infusions. Luna 2.0 team doesn’t want to restore it on Luna 2.0.

There is value however in the current exchange listings and user base. It costs millions to get listed on top exchanges.

A viable path forward to prevent delistings and UST becoming irrelevant would be to rebrand it and turn it into a non pegged cryptocurrency.

Let’s be realistic and not cry over spilled milk. Luna 2.0 is happening whether we like it or not and UST doesn’t seem to be part of the new plans. We need a realistic actionable plan for UST. A viable one to preserve value is to turn it into a regular cryptocurrency. It could function for example as a “move fast and break things” chain, similar to the way Kusama works for Polkadot, allow for more quicker innovation.

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They want to destroy this coin. Although this coin could continue to exist peacefully.
This is done to raise money for a new pyramid.

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UST is a L2… you cannot have an L2 coin that does nothing. Whereas $LUNA is L1… you can build several L2 on top of L1… therefore L1 In itself has value and more L2 it has the value rises… whereas L2 that does nothing and sits there with debt has Zero value if not negative.

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i think after the luna v2 lunch, they can rehook ust with luna1 make luna1 really a classic.

Not in the current form but it can have its own blockchain.

Many new blockchain projects first started as a token on another blockchain and then launched their own blockchain. This would be totally doable if there’s a will to do it.

Just speculation, but I find it very interesting that saving UST is not even on the table.

Almost as if scorched-earth attack on UST was the entire point.

Move along, nothing to see here, just a failed experiment. Please enjoy your shiny new CBDC.

ust is a depegged unstable stable coin

it should be reborn as the ultimate meme coin


A coin pegged by the people - We are the peg!

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its possible to repeg it. would have to fairly distribute inflation to ust holders.

You can repeg and give some floating amount.

And repeg it, you can repeg at 0.1

After sometime 0.2

Then 1.0 finally.

yeah , stop the drama, everybody move on, and sell and another products , nothing is stable.