Shout out to the devs

I’ve been involved with many crypto projects over the last 13 years, watching GitHub it’s nice to see a set of developers who know what they’re doing, testing, checking, making sure everything is just right and launching a new network with a host of deprecation under such pressure and a tight deadline. All credit to them, it is reassuring to see.


Agree. Their efforts are definitely appreciated.

I’ve done some coding session with project owner sitting right behind me, literally breathing on my neck, and that wasn’t pleasant. I can’t imagine having the entire blockchain community breathing on their necks, figuratively it might be.

It must have been quite a few sleepless nights.


we need to do something

Everyone is excited to talk about the New Luna token and nobody wants to know when will the Luna Classic burn starts from 6.5T to 1B??? People are still holding there breath assuming it might help gain the money they lost. The airdrop program is not helping small time investors. Only the whales are making money.