So if they go ahead with the new coin…

Hi there, I’m new to the Community so please forgive me if this has already been spoken about just there are hundreds of threats to go to so I may have missed it.

If they completely shun the idea of a burn on the existing tokens and go ahead with the introduction of Luna core as they are calling it, would existing holders have the opportunity to exchange their current Luna tokens for the lunar core tokens the same way as when Ethereum forked a number of years ago they gave you the opportunity to keep your original Ethereum ( Ethereum classic ) or exchange them for the new coin which is just know as Ethereum.

Thanks for your time and again I apologise if this scene is a bone question.

Not 100% sure what you mean but no exchange, but they will give you (airdrop) according to your current holding. You can still keep old Luna and it will continue.

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If the stupid crowd votes to build a house out of shit, then the builder will still build it out of bricks.
Otherwise, his work is meaningless.
Moreover, there was no vote.

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Wdym its 76% yes so far lol