So now you are going to destroy Lunc via 1.2% tax

I agree. 1-3% tax for the first time, then it will be possible to reduce.

1 Like do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station

idiots destroying their own project …Luna will profit from your stupidity


So go away to your luna 2.0, she’s going to luna, right?

Hell moon, laughing a lot.


Please close this topic and help improve our discourse by banning user Profile - Lunc - Terra Research Forum This user’s entire participation is insult upon insult. Not that he has many words to use but enough is enough. Lets donate some Luna Classic towards his re-education summer camp but first I guess he will have to finish his primary school.


I disagree with banning user “Lunc”. I don’t like his choice of words. But he did offer valuable opinions.
Respect difference of opinion. Otherwise we will not have real discussions. just echo chamber.


You are right that different voices need be heard. I have not commented on his content ever. But a discussion is not the same as an exchange of insults. He needs to be banned for his behaviour, not for his views.

political correctness ?No thank you it only leads that idiots think they can decide.

There is a nice say in democratic countries where educated people still exist.

A professor of science and 2 drunkard are deciding how to proceed on repairing something.
The professor of science whos faculty is based on that thing has a working solution.
However these 2 drunkards have another opinion based on a TV movie.
Since they are 2 vs 1 the professor will be forced to see them proceed with their nonsense.

No diffrence on this forum.Majority have no clue how blockchain or cex work but still they want to decide with their nonsense to proceed because doing something (killing the chain) is better than nothing


This analogy of yours is not appropriate at all, it’s a steal and a sophistry, if you don’t like the atmosphere here, no one is forcing you, you are perfectly free to leave, it’s not a matter of political correctness, how arrogant and ignorant you are to talk about getting her to end in lunc’s governance forum. Can I talk about how I should destroy your home in your home?

i added enough points why its not going to work.
If people are ignorant in hope a hig tax will increase their investment quickly than you can’t call them other than being idiots.
I recommend looking of the defenition of idiots.
People who are ignoring information unable to understand.

Ki.ll your own chain making all remaining dapps instantly leave .
Will love to see how quickly LUNC will be dumped by smart money



Btw how come LFG whitelisted this proposal ?
Because they know it will benefit their new Luna forcing all remaining dapps to move out of that blockchain


Please vote for Proposition 4078, thanks for the support

SHIB is trading at .00001, LUNC is currently at .00006 and showing nothing but red. Yeah. A tax is what’s going to be the end of LUNC.


ok… then we go with 0.075% tax burn… lets creates a parameter change proposal…

who can help? The objective is to burn the total supply from the stupidity of Do KWON by having LUNC depending on UST - THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE… THE DUMBEST!

Bring on the burn. At least some try actions and some just talk and do nothing. If you have ideas bring them on but stop bagging other’s who are passionate about LUNC. A burn is just the start much needs to be done so why not help instead of hinder.


Excluding burnt tokens SHIB has nearly 10x the number of tokens as LUNC. SHIB is also number 17 in total market cap. Not sure why you are comparing the 2? Comparing these are like comparing Apple’s to Orangutans?

Also LUNC has seemed to have formed a bottom and is having a de ent bounce up off it even diring a red day in the crypto market.

While he is coming accross as aggressive, rude, and insulting people which is not ok, his points ARE still valid. He sounds more frustrated as I fully understand. There are people who’s intentions may be good, are going to cause damage and tank our recovery chances because they are not understanding the complexities of our ecosystem even vs any other blockchain token.

We have a severly broken chain right now. The place is a mess, and the maid (dev team) walked of the job. It’s up to us the clean house, but you can’t just move garbage around from one room to the next to clean up the place. You have to to it right.

What this does is fixes one problem, but creates another.

NOW this new problem is solvable and not that difficult it’s just going to require adding some code to only tax larger transactions over x. It means less collected, and less burnt, but also means more stability.

Why can I not read this with a straight face?

The tax is for on chain transactions, not off chain ones, which shouldn’t affect CEX’s greatly. They use one central wallet and trade off chain in their platform. It’s still an issue but not as big of one as that. Were also loosing out on majority of transactions by not taxing off chain, even if it was 0.1% or less even. The CEX issue is being hammered out by some pretty smart people and hopefully the solution will be found. Though the main problem is who will deal with the CEX’s to implement anything? That requires leadership which we currently do not have right Do kwon?

It’s really funny that you can’t tag Do Kwon as it is a banned word phrase. :rofl:

But also frustrating as now I have ro wait 30 minutes to post this as they count attemted posting now wtf?

Dang it people… When he starts in with insulting and being obnoxious, ignore him or it will just keep getting worse… I know it’s hard when he verbally attacks everyone, but he only does it because he is a sad angry little man who only joy in life is trying to make everyone else miserable too… When you get upset and oblige him by acknowledging his behavior you’re giving him exactly what he wants… He gets a kick out of seeing you angry reply… . He is his own worst enemy, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he hasn’t already run everyone in his life off because of his truculent and impertinent attitude, so making everyone online miserable is all he has left…

Just ignore him and he will eventually go away… I’ll even show how it’s done by not acknowledging his next arrogant ranting insult of a post that will be directed at me…

Not to “Actually” you, but there are 78X as many SHIB as there are LUNC. My comparison is to basically point out a token with 550 trillion tokens in circulation was trading in the same ball park as LUNC with it’s 7 trillion. I hope no one thinks that a good thing.

But my point was a burn tax is not what’s going to be the end of LUNC. Will it help LUNC? I think so. But to go all apoplectic, as OP has done numerous time in this thread, because people want to try to decrease the total number of tokens is asinine. Will a burn destroy LUNC? Doubtful. Will it help? Possibly. Did ignoring the pleas of a huge swath of the community to initiate a burn and instead fork the blockchain and create LUNA 2 do anything to help the situation? Not much.


SHIB has waaaaay more tokens yes, BUT has a much larger market cap of $4.5 BILLION compared to LUNC (10x per token in value) which has a market cap of only $395 Million.

SHIB is the 17TH most valuable token and is way ahead of many other very good projects. That is not a bad thing to any project that SHIB is ahead of. SHIB is even ahead of CRO (Cronos).

SHIB was transformed from a meme coin into a purpose built token, and the SHIB army is huge. They have a lot of development going on and are actually improving the token all the time.

SHIB successfully Burns 10’s of Billions wheras LUNC burns 10’s of Millions in the same period.

Bottom line I think both projects have great communities and are good projects. Ours just needs more work right now to fix the issues, but We can and will prevail.

Very true and very much agree. :+1:

Join us, we have the opportunity to speak with TFL