Some people are getting selfish

I buys when it was down . But its not mean that if it cross $1 then i will be a millionaire, i will only get enough money to overcome my financial condition. I uses my room rent money to buy luna that was my biggest mistake i think :disappointed_relieved:
When it goes down people thinks that it may not regain its original rate or it will not go up again so they only buys in small ammount like for $10 or $20 i think.

Some people are thinking that if it cross $1 then many people will be billionaire thats y they are telling to fork. But many people buys when it was above $1. So if fork then many people will be poor , many will lost their savings may be. Why thay are not thinking about that people. They are just getting selfish and thinking about the people who buys when it was down

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As if they didn’t become millionaire when it first launched and went up to $100
Some would make profit, some would recover their money. But these fucks just don’t want to understand