Something has to be done whether Fork or not

We all see Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [AMENDED]
But in this plan,there is noting about old chain and what will be done with the old chain.Revival Terra is not just create a new chain and throw the old away.

Here is my suggestion,

According to the theory of “System Dynamics” from MIT.Every ecosystem can cure itself by its full fuction.(It’s a very famous theory which is proposed by Oppenheimer——yes,he is the father of Nuclear Bomb)
Like our mother earth,if we human stop polluting,the earth can heal itself too.

So the important thing is We should (re)enable every function of old chain.Let it cure itself.But now we can only see a Terra Ecosystem with pains and disabilities.Now I can see the IBC Proposal is passed,that is ok,but not enough.

Few days ago,the start of that decending is someone pulling the trigger of panic when Terra is changing pool-with little fluid only in that time.But so many days after,this panic is gone.The influence of Terra system is fading away now.Why should we let system itself try again?

Think about that,if my laptop cannot power on,the first opinion of mine is I will send it to the Service,if there is something wrong with it,just replace and use it again.That is an Economy way.
Not just throw it out of the window and buy a new one.And the old chain is not a laptop,it is still a fancy system,right?

Launch Terra 2.0 and let everyone know it,this is a good way of Reinvigorate confidence.But there still is a old chain here,the Terra team still have a lot to do.

Am I right?or just thing about it.

Thank you.

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