Spam Governance Proposals

Dear community,

I think it is of utter urgency to come up with a solution to stop/prevent the submittal of Spam proposals.

Go on your terra station, and check all the live proposals that have been submitted over the past 24/48 hours - depending on when you are reading this.

As we know, our ecosystem as a whole has been hurt. BADLY. People have become hopeless, which makes them a perfect target for scammers in an attempt to exploit these victims with false hopes.

I am not a techie by any means, just someone who happens to deeply love the community as a whole and what we are/were trying to bring to this world, so I ask the big brains here, what can be done in this regard? Since 50 Luna fee is just a couple of cents, maybe raise this fee to be paid for every proposal that is submitted? I don’t know, just throwing an idea around. If we don’t act, this is going to get insane

this is a good idea, people need to chill

(i lost everything too, but we gotta maintain composure here)

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50 Luna, a couple of cents?! No, no, you need a few billion Luna to reach a single cent…

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