Stable UST mechanism and revival plan in few days!

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I believe the best mechanism to be stable the UST is : When UST drops under 0.99 you must make an automatic mechanism he can stops withdraws sell etc until Luna burns and UST goes to 1 dollar again. I believe this will take minutes to goes 1 dollar. I don’t think people they will have problem with that if they wait some minutes to withdraw. The people wants is to be sure for the stablecoin they will invest and as I hear the invest all of life savings. Need to TRUST you again , I believe this is the way…


Also if you report in the Terra medias and forums you will stop withdraws sell etc of UST until Luna burns and goes to 1 dollar, I believe all they invest in UST. in one single day maybe UST will be 1 dollar again!

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good idea

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Yea if it depegs to 0.95 stop it. & the problem with external exchanges could be collateralization.

This happens 1 time of the year or maybe never again.