Stacking re-enabled in the end or not?

Hey guys,

Recently we voted to re-enable the stacking. Come to think of it we also voted on the burn mechanism / sales tax being implemented.

All seems to pass at dao level but, it does not seem to be implemented nor do we have a due date.

What is slowing down this process? Can we do something to help speed things up or are we generally speaking wasting time voting for stuff that DK and TFL won’t allow us to do anyways since they are looking at rebooting the chain on Luna 2.0…?

Thanks for your help in understanding the situation. I am not sure I understand what’s up and, quite frankly, I’m wondering if we have achieved anything since the meltdown in May besides playing Dao by voting on stuff that won’t get done anyways…

no one does anything, the project will remain as it is now

But votes are being passed, so what about them?

it’s a meme coin now… what do you want from it ?

To try and restore its former status, I don’t believe one failure should set the whole project to the ground… fix what can be, improve what should etc …

people have millions of ust and they sit and wait, just to sell everything. They thought that from 1 cent they would make 1 dollar. But alas, no one will make speculators millionaires.

There is some truth to that too… still, I’d hope the votes would amount to something, that the DAO would be respected… instead, turns out to be the same as any other poll / election… sad

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