Stake & volunteer burn

Instead of buying back - we as a community should come forward nd voluntarily burn atleast 10% of our holdings. We take a simple cut but LUNA steadily recovers and goes up.

Also, if you are burning voluntarily a debt token kind off something should be given to incentivise the process


Unfortunately, I don’t think there is unity in the society, my friend, a chain reaction has started, the society cannot burn them, as many of us bought from the top, as the coin lost value, they took it from the bottom to lower it, panicked. There were areas from the top as well as those from the bottom, likewise many of those who bought coins from the top also took it from the bottom, it’s not our fault, trust is often abused. You have to find the source and get the tokens back and burn them.

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i don’t disagree … couldn’t hurt to propose it and would give power to the community at the end of the day … sure we are split … doesn’t mean we can’t do good

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This is actually a really good idea,

The debt token should be called LUNA-ASH(LASH).

  • LUNA-ASH(LASH) can only be created with the burning of LUNA after the DATE May 9th 2022.

  • LUNA-ASH(LASH) based on the amount of LUNA burned the (LASH) is LOCKED into a X DAY(BURN), the X DAY(BURN) is dependent on the amount the (LASH) rewarded and is partially released during X(RANDOM) time up until the X DAY(BURN).

  • LUNA-ASH(LASH) can be (CLAIMED) automatically and/or manually at anytime (SEE ABOVE) where X amount of (LASH)(MATH/ALGO) to LUNA is achieved at the current price/value LUNA during (CLAIMED) (LASH).

That’s just a brief idea of what the OP had suggested, any thoughts?

Thought of another option to add (RE-BURN)(DONATE to TERRA ECO) instead of (CLAIMING) which would BURN the LUNA again but with no LUNA-ASH(LASH) amount returned.

Luna is down 99,99999% - so burning 10% is far not enough.

Instead of 10% as suggested by OP LUNA token holders could BURN any % they choose/decide.

Suppose the result would be far below 10%

only issue i see here is with coins stuck on CEX rn … It would pain me to burn the $luna i bought at 80$ months back … but I would happily donate sums of new $luna that I picked up during the “dip” to “support the project”

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surely we can leverage the power of decentralisation.

what is instead of LASH - we launch UST v2 - UST will be back and will be collateralized not stablized by LUNA. LUNA will be burned both the coins will be saved.

I’m all for it but that 10% burn won’t even create a dent in the 7T circulation. It will not recover anything. The only way out is to buy back and burn.