Still want a fork? Check the math

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I think you might have forgotten to multiply that back times the 100,000,000 to find out how many you’ll get. So you’d get around 153.8 V2… which, if they are $100 each… isn’t that bad. BUT… what would make them 100 each? There’s no $$$ to fund the liquidity pool. They will be worthless to start, and not to mention, you only get 10% of those up front…and the remaining 90% 2 years later.

If you purchased $5,000 worth of Luna post depeg at low price. Say 20mil Luna you will now have 307. Only 30 @ day 1 and the others after 2 years. 20 mil/6.5T * 10% * 1 billion new Luna supply = 307


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Any fork MUST be done based on token holder’s holdings as fraction of MC at small time intervals while the hyperinflation occurred from 330 M to 6.5T otherwise everyone’s stake in the new coin will be worthless.


Assuming you are right…everyone’s stake in the new coin will be worthless anyways, they might as well seriously consider burning thru tx fees…

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