Support Group for Lunatics who lost a lot

A lot has happened in the past week, saying that its terrible won’t cut it. A whole community of enthusiasts was destroyed. Developers, coders, stakers, holders everyone lost at least some part of their hard earned money. For Me personally, the losses are astronomical. I have been and still holding Luna as well as UST. My ritual for the past year has been to stake 50% of all My weekly crytpo earning and that can tell You the losses sustained by Me personally.

But I am not the only one nor the biggest loser in this mayhem, twitter and reddit are full of people who lost every penny of their savings, even loans. The community has been hyper active these past few days and one particular group called the LUNAtics who had everything in Luna instead of UST has been helpless to find any way of saving themselves. With major exchanges first stopping withdrawals, to stop future trades and then to completely delist Luna and UST has been a major blow for everyone hoping to get out of this mess with something of value at least.

Posts and tweets have popped up of angry,sad and broken hearted Luna holders all over the place. The amount of anxiety and stress has lead many to to abandon crypto altogether while some have been thinking of alternatives, and there are some who have got nothing left except a bag of holdings thats almost worthless at this point.

After encountering some desperate and anxious people on reddit and seeing the same around twitter, I think we should have a support group at least, to talk and console each other in this hard time and wait for something good that might come from LFG or DO KWON that will at least give some respite to everyone in the terra ecosystem. To have a place where we can share our feelings freely and talk about the prospects of future and hopefully someday laugh about this tragedy I have created a public discord where we all can share our thoughts, talk about our problems and help each other get through this hard time.

Sometimes talking about Your problems with the people in the same boat as You can be very helpful. Join Us everyone - Lets help eachother through this difficult time and make some good friends along the way.

Discord for Lunatics Together


Sorry guys - Just updated the link. You can join using the link in the first post or this one

Lunatics Together

Man I had my lifesaving on ust and i’m mentally unstable at the moment to think straight hope in some way i will get at least a part of the money …


I really feel for You. We all are going through one of hardest times. My own losses are huge but there is still hope. As long as the community and code is saved, we can always start rebuilding. Don’t lose hope, Join Us and lets talk about what we can do to help each other feel better.


if you cant be helpful, dont try to be an ***

link has been updated

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