Swap Fees

What happened to the wallet that holds all the swap fees that are paid out to LUNA stakers?

Perhaps start with the endpoint information here: Swagger UI

Importantly, note that all values are recrded for instance in microLUNA and microUSD (uluna and uusd), so all numbers are * 10^6 how you would see them as a usual wallet balance. (Effectively 24 decimal places.)

I don’t know yet how to see the oracle reward pool ( Oracle — Terra Docs documentation ), here having only the parameters without the balances ( https://lcd.terra.dev/terra/oracle/v1beta1/params ), but in case of interest the community pool should be here. ( https://lcd.terra.dev/cosmos/distribution/v1beta1/community_pool ).
Please tell me if you learn how to see the oracle reward pool balance!

At block 7630000 ( recent, time at https://lcd.terra.dev/blocks/7630000 ),
it should be that the community pool held exactly
1,017,233,195.522874045023939198722220 (~1 billion) UST and 10,123,660.689199967400770978626139 (~10 million) LUNA.
( https://lcd.terra.dev/cosmos/distribution/v1beta1/community_pool?height=7630000 )