#we are the ones who trust luna and believe it will be the best in the market again


I don’t think that Luna left her family or left her on purpose, we trusted her, they work, I believe in the Luna family.

Investors before the x-collapse people who trust are real investors Those who take advantage of y-collapse Start burning some of the resources you have, real investors will wait, opportunists will double their money and run away. from y-investor /investment cut/ /transfer interruption/ /burn cut / they have to accept it anyway, such investors are men who want to escape with a small profit, let them pay and go.

Deductions will be quite income. With some of the existing income and resources, the burning continues, as the value rises, new investors will come, similar cuts will be made for them, so the system will repair itself, this system will be considered as 1 or 2 years, and the system will continue in this way. When you collect in a year, the new investor takes risks and wins because they trust, old investors because they trust and wait.