Temporarily Target Lower Peg

In the short term, I don’t think anyone expects UST to be worth $1.00. The high inflation rate to support the gap right now is making the long term proposition for LUNA more unclear, as buyers face massive dilution. What about targeting a lower peg temporarily? People who want to leave now can still leave, but longer term holders will face more certainty.

For example you could target 0.5 for a week, then 0.6, then 0.7, etc… Slowly marching up. This gives an incentive to stick around rather than run for the exits.


Actually a good idea.

The psychology right now is standard ponzinomics. “If I can get out at 50c, I still have half my money” or “If the price is 0.7, then I’m going to sell”

Selling pressure will be with us for time to come. Announcing a steady return to the peg, is a good option no? It keeps doing that anyway…