Terra 2.0 is LIVE — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic & Details inside

no, for kucoin, you’ll need to contact them if you think the amount is incorrect, but it sounds like ~6 is ~30% of 23, so they could have distributed available luna for you, while the rest is vesting.

i checked your address and it seems you had ~7200 aUST, and ~27 UST at the moment of post-attack snapshot. maybe it is not very clear → when you deposit UST to anchor - your UST is converted to aUST, so it is not like you have both UST and aUST at the same time.

so for ~7200 aUST and ~27 UST of at the post-attack snapshot you are eligible for 0.023548000840 x (7200 + 27) = ~ 170 luna.
for ~7200 aUST pre-attack snapshot you are eligible for 0.018277121430 x 7200 = ~131 luna.

and in total it matches ~300 luna you got airdropped to this address.

thank you so much for breaking it down

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Hello everyone, I’m part of lunc or former Luna in Brazil, we have to propose an urgent vote, I don’t know if it would be viable to give DO KWON, and his “friends” a second chance and I won’t offend you because there is no adjective harmful to them, I want to propose a vote that is counted by members and not by the percentage that holds it, we need to know who supports the withdrawal of DO KWON and some Developers and validators, such as Chen and Marcelo Cecconi, we believe that we can, strengthen the trust of the Luna ecosystem, we all know that luna 2 is just a small sigh before total death, pricing is clear that the market no longer has confidence, it is almost impossible to have new investors in this luna, for such reasons

  1. the manipulated vote, where the distribution was totally wrong of pre and post attack, it doesn’t matter if they are new or old, the new ones saw the same opportunity of 2020 where the price reached 0.29 while the mentioned wanted to play the old ones against the new ones and buy time to take their real responsibilities, but they weren’t the ones who created 6.5 trillion coins, now want to excuse that new ones are greedy so Luna should be demonetized.
  2. Luna is Luna!!!, it’s the same community, the same name and the same CEO, what changed was the blockchain only, that is, there was a “merge” another reason for it to be 1:1
  3. UST investors cannot be abandoned in any way, as they were an important part of the growth of this community, so they must be fully compensated, because when everything was fine they were visible, now they are held accountable, now they are attacked and thrown beside? no!!! it just goes to show how irresponsible and immature Do Kwon and his clan are, what good is talent if they don’t know how to deal with adversity, instead of finding mistake as fat man observed.
  4. Returning credibility to new investors will not have because you think that this attitude taken and manipulated, will they enter? not because they will think they will be the next abandoned.
    Having said that, I propose that you have the vote mentioned above, because the attitude of the manager and his supporters was childish, this is not a video game that when it goes wrong you simply reset, adversity will always occur, just have mature people, to solve the problems, Luna it can be as big as ethereum, bitcoin among others, but we need it to be legitimate and reliable people to make it happen and once again you shouldn’t put young and old as greedy, because we know very well who it really was.
    No more BrazilLUNC
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@alagiz able to help check mine


Still not receive any airdrop

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I have also 160 Luna on my SafePal wallet but on BEP20 network. I purchased them on 10th May on 30 USD and all my saving gone easily and maybe forever!
Dont know really what to do and if BEP20 be eligible for airdrops, how much luna i’ll receive…

to whom do I ask for compensation because of Luna coins…?

Maybe nobody bro!

je suis dans la même situation, c’est honteux de voir le soutien que nous avons.

j’ai acheté pour 51 000 euros de LUNA pour soutenir le projet le 11/05 à 3.35 euros.

J’ai reçu un largage de 0.0705 nouveaux luna…

c’est incompréhensif

Hey guys, today i bridgedmy wrapped luna from metamask to luna station. How can i recieve my airdrop of the luna 2.0?

Thanks in advance!

On what grounds I have received 0.00005010604 Luna 2.0 on behalf of my 375 USDT (10.71 Coin ) Luna Coin

I have purchased 10.71 Luna at 35 USDT but I received only 0.00005010604 LUNA 2.0 which cost 0.00000653 USDT what I 'm going to do with it, and what was that calculation, and i have another account on the same coindcx exchange which belongs to my sister, she doesn’t even trade, and she’s not holding any kind of crypto in his coindcx exchange account, but still she got the same amount of LUNA 2.0 (0.000007269525116 LUNA 2.0 COIN), then why the hell is that snapshot nonsense if everyone is getting a LUNA 2.0 and the received coin worth nothing, what the hell is going on with LUNA 2.0.

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سلام چطوری باید به پشتیبان ترا وصل شد

I bought a lunc for 2 dollars why the same account was made with the people who bought it for 0 dollars, you officially rewarded the people who bought it at low levels, you destroyed the people who bought it over 1 dollar :rage: :rage: :rage:


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inequalities are highly debatable in this type of case and you can’t reward everyone when they happen with this type, they tried to somehow repair the damage in a certain part and now it’s time to wait for the market to decide the price it gives to the tokens, mostly those who bought at zero, also bought at 30, 20, etc.

Thank you for presenting the calculation logic.

Hi! What about wLUNC (LUNA-S in Metamask), which I had in LP in Uniswap V3? When attack was starts I have 50/50 (LUNA/ETH) on my LP. Then, mister Do Kwon says is nothing worry about. Okay, my LP turned to 100% LUNA, and then I sent it all to my Metamask (on 11th may). Now the New airdrop shows me that I don’t have a coins to claim.
I can confirm that it was BEFORE attack in Etherscan by all my transactions with Uniswap and Metamask. Now, I have a only wLUNC (LUNA-S), and airdrop still go around me. Dear community, did someone face same issue?

New proposal: given the amount of tokens that were released after the attack; given that the token holders were not blamed for the attack; considering that any currency to be deflationary needs to be taxed; considering that the 1.2% burn rate has already been implemented in transactions; considering that the token is an asset and as such must bring value to its holders; the implementation of an increase in staking is put to a vote, with the interest rate based on the US rate, which the Terra network must send to the holders of Lunc and USTC until the reduction to 10 billion coins in circulation.