[Terra 2.0] Not enough coins for airdrop


I’m opening this topic due to some confusion between what i read in the terra documentation regarding the airdrop distribution and some of the answers given in some Topics.

In my case, and i believe it’s the case for a lot of people encountering an issue with the airdrop, i was holding more than 20k LUNC ( Post-Attack ) at 21th of May, transaction minded in the block 7722512 ==> meaning i was holding before the snapshot.

Although, once the new chain is live, i didn’t get my 10% of the new coin as mentioned in the Teera docs (About Terra — Terra Docs documentation )

From my understanding, i was supposed to benefit from the airdrop since i respected all the conditions listed by the community and the documentation. But i didn’t get any airdrop.

Can someone please clarify why some of us didn’t benefit from the airdrop with tangible arguments and references?

If it can help, this is my wallet address: terra1r8ayve7tt7n6l9cwj2avhllzgvk3p9rt9hje3u

Transaction ref : Terra Finder

Thank you in advance for your help.


Your airdrop would have been 0.3 Luna. Not viable to airdrop this

The ratio for Post-attack snapshot Luna is 1:0.0000153ish Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic | by Zion Schum | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium

Yes, but where is the minimum requirement posted? If it is not mentioned, then Terra should honour the ratio regardless of LUNC holding as per table 2.

Are you saying that LUNA is not fractional? Minimum requirement should not be made up after the launch and people spending Gas fees bridging back to Terra.


Yeah, I hear you. I had almost 40k after Gas fees.

I can see this turning into another controversy for Terra and Do Kwon, after getting people to bridge back to Terra if there was not any official statement about minimum requirements. If rules were created after the snapshot that would be seriously poor and untrustworthy conduct at a time when trust is already low.

Where is the document about viable LUNC holdings? Who decided that and when?

Totally agree with @baggins . if you assume that the fees will be expensive for small amounts like this. A smart contract that will distribute to all small amount airdrops could be helpful and lower the amount of the fees.

I don’t think this kind of attitude from the Terra Community will be helpful to gain people’s trust again. especially that we lost our money twice.

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give me back the amount of LUNA that I bought I don’t need this airdrop in the amount of 0.13 luna I bought it in the amount of 28808 and what right do you have to transfer my funds to a new token without my permission? Why does LUNA 2.0 have the same schedule as the old LUNA? I think you are deceiving us somewhere!!! Why did the bidding on small sites start earlier?

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You still hold the old Luna, it’s just on a different network.

If you hold it in a Centralised Exchange (for example Binance), it might just be temporarily disabled.