Terra Cex

We should implement our own cex. You buy USTC with a fiat currency and with that you can buy e.g. Lunc. Of course, we could implement other trading pairs, e.g. BTC/USTC.

The Terra Rebels should think about it, because only they have the possibility to implement such a solution. Moreover, they could finance their further work in this way.

One thing is clear: if the burn continues at this pace, most people will soon forget about Lunc.

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USTC is too volatile, best way is to stop being greedy toward centralised Cex and accept a lower tax for them on the platform and wont affect the futur/perp trading since those doesnt even trade the token itself, a lower tax on spot could be offered with a agreement between all major exchange.

But if you buy USTC with Fiat, the 1,2% burn Tax will collected. Someone who trade Bitcoin on the new Cex, have to pay the burn Fee First, USTC then has a new use case again.