Terra Classic Key Figures Declaring Income & Time Commitment

1: All high profile individuals within the Terra Classic Community to declare how much they are earning through their various ventures created from the Goodwill generated from the Terra Classic revival.

2: Declare how many hours they are dedicating to the revival of the Terra Classic chain

I was caught up in the Luna crash in May 2022
I had given up hope of recouping the £150k that disappeared to 26p in less than a week.

I am one of those who has benefitted from the time invested by the Terra Rebels and the LUNC community as I continued to DCA.

Naturally I would like $LUNC price to go up and head towards $1, we all do…

However, for the past 6-8 weeks, I have become very disillusioned by the Power struggle and Money grab proposals that have subsequently developed with the success of LUNC

It has halted the progress made by the Terra Rebels.

I’ve started to see individuals take advantage of their position in the LUNC community by commercialising themselves through various ventures.

I’m a Doctor and Entrepreneur by background

My LinkedIn Profile is below…

I have 11.6k LinkedIn followers some of those followers include some of the biggest names in Crypto… so I am fully Doxxed


For the greater good and transparency, I would like everyone within the project who command large Social Media followings or have a prominent roles within the Terra Rebels & other communities to declare their earnings generated through the Goodwill from being associated with Terra Classic revival and their time commitment

There are many vulnerable people within the crypto community who look for a better life and they will sometimes follow blindly without questioning those that have lead the revival thus far…

But at the age of 50, I’ve seen it all before…
money and morals make ugly bed buddies.

For LUNC to succeed we need systems in place.

I’ve intervened several times for the greater good of the community… But I won’t openly say what those actions were…

But I believe the LUNC community as a whole benefitted from those actions.

Altruism is important to me as is Philanthropy.

I will never ask to be financially compensated for my time.


For the greater good of the LUNC community all eminent figures are

1: Fully Doxxed
2: All financial earnings generated from the Terra Classic Revival fully declared to the community
3: All time commitment towards the Terra Classic Revival is declared
4: The above 3 should be auditable

Finally with great power comes great responsibility.

None of those who have found themselves in front of the public limelight came to the rescue to screw fellow human beings…

But human nature is such that when money presents itself it is easy to lose sight of what’s right from wrong…

I would like to believe that there are good humans out there and I can say that there have been many who have put in 100’s of hours to get the TC project to where it is now.

So thank you to all the unsung heroes :pray:t4:

But now is the time to bring in systems to protect the LUNC community.

I believe individuals should be appropriately compensated but I also believe they should not abuse their position in society and take advantage of the vulnerable crypto community.


Dr Rajia Bibi