Terra Ecosystem Restoration - It's Not Hard!

I’ll go straight to work.
We will create a new coin, it is a combination of UST and LUNA, I call it LUST for now.
LUST will have a maximum total supply of 10 million.
at this time: Total Supply: 6.907.376.873.714 LUNA & UST
You have 2 ways to get LUST:
1.000 LUNA = 1 LUST
10 UST = 1 LUST
All swaps are voluntary by investors, After 10 million LUST is exhausted, it will not be swap, All LUNA and UST swaps are burned
All transaction fees between now and later on Terra will have to use LUST. LUST will be like Terra’s stockpile, because LUST total supply limit, LUST is built to keep UST equal to 1 USD. All attacks like just now or an algorithm that makes UST less than 1 USD, must be over 51% of the total supply of LUST to be able to do that transaction. Instead of holding BTC, Terra will keep LUST in reserve.

Hahaha millones lunas comprados a nada , centavos de dólar, comparada a holders que compraron por sobre los $10 , $30, $60!!! ??? Y