Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

Why not allocate the dynamic total amount of snapshot Luna to the holders of Luna according to the time node?

I suspect that some people knew the airdrop rules in advance, so they bought a large number of Luna before 09:00:00 on May 13

It’s not fair

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When UST was at $0.9 I moved my UST through wormhole to polygon chain. Now if I move my UST back to terra will I get my money back?

I am still interested in new LUNA but also want my hard earned money back. Without that I can’t look into investing.
That UST was initially in anchor deposit.

I see no logical way as to how the proposal will work and be sustainable. Nobody will list this new coin on any exchanges and the ecosystem now has a serious credibility issue (60+ Billion liquidation event over days?).
Also all those “reserve” transactions should be fully audited. Time/transaction, from/to, price, etc. Very hard to believe 80k BTC liquidated in an OTC trade. Transparency is vital!

Still a lot on questions that need answering (like who done it?) before a plan forward is even presented. Saying “oh well, don’t look under the rug, we will just make a new network” is INSANITY.

It’s all traceable, we will find the root cause of this, or it will just happen again!!! Com’on Man!


me too

A fork is a terrible idea and will be another failed experiment. Fix this the correct way and burn the coins necessary to solve the problem. Bring trust back to Luna and the entire crypto market

By all accounts, this offer is not a way to reward you

It’s not even a solution to this situation

It seems to be a way to avoid responsibility.

I would like to make this suggestion

Fix v1 and burn

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Burn is the only way. Fork is just another disaster, are you gonna say that people forget what happen and believe in other new version of it. Just implement Burn with the reserve and remedy fee each luna transaction.


Burn. Support in 90% of Holders wants


How easy it is to just press an exit botton and start fresh on a new game…good bye mr. Kwon


Too many mistakes by Luna.

First is the flaw design, one attack just knock the whole chain.

  1. Wrong direction on the first rescue plan just made the problem worse.

  2. Now the new asset distribution plan from you look familiar to me like Pol Pot or Mao Tse Tung regimes.

All totally leads to the self destruction of you and Luna.


How should wUST and USTW holders react to this?

Should they bridge their UST back to terra and hodl there?

This was planned


-Remove the r to read the article since we aren’t allowed to post articles
Betting money against the community. DO KLOWN NEEDS TO BE REMOVED

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Regardless what plan is followed, I do not believe Terra will be able to recover with Do Kwon being the face of the project. He should step down, leave completely, or at the very least take a silent role, and let the rest of the LFG team handle all of this. He made too many mistakes, likely privately, and definitely publicly (including burning goodwill with his toxic behavior on twitter), and even now ignores what the community is saying.

I will not support any plan presented by Do Kwon.

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not move. hold in binance.

I lost all my capital during the crash acquiring LUNA. I want my money.

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have plan is better than no plan.
working plan is better than paper plan.

Is it possible to add tax for buy and sell for burning mechanism?


no one wants this plan, burn it