Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

I have no idea, if I will be part of the airdrop… Have been holding Luna for months and months on exchange(s) small and big. Big being Binance small being local (dutch exchanges).

So what will happen ?

Because there are no reserves.

No refund for UST holder ??. What’s

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I look at LUNA and UST prices in the hour after Do Kwon made his Twitter Tweet, and now (17 May 2022 3:27pm Singapore Time).

LUNA and UST prices actually fell immediately after his tweet.

They have not risen.

LUNA is $0.00018192

UST is $0.0987

The real market has spoken.

There was time for anyone who believes in Terra Ecosystem Revivial Plan 2 to buy those tokens. The Plan 2 was based on holdings at Launch. However, there was no significant buy activity. On the contrary, the token prices fell. There is no support from the real market.

Speculators can only buy or sell. They are not buying. The new LUNA token does not exist yet. They cannot sell. There is real risk it will be sold down on release.

I think this is a bad joke.
35% to all LUNA holders before the depeg and only 25% to ALL UST holders at the launch? (So, there is no difference between people who bought UST at 1$ and staked them on Anchor and people who bought UST at 0.1 or 0.05 dollars just for speculation.

Let’s think what caused the depeg:
When UST started to Depeg, if nobody would have sell their UST, the depeg could have been been controlled.
In my opinion, the highest priority would be to give more to people who did not touched the UST/LUNA during these events.
But, you say something like: fuck those who were stupid and poor and did not sold their UST when they saw that depegging was started. We will airdrop to everyone who is holding UST, even if some of them invested 5000 for 5000 coins, and some of them invested 500 dollars for 5000 coins.

Are you fucking kidding?
At least you should have a separate category like for LUNA. the holders which did not move any UST during the event should receive 20% and 5% should be received by all others UST holders. Because the holders with UST invested before the depeg invested 10x more than the others.



Would you look at my suggestion?

What you’re trying to do now is likely to abandon people’s trust

It also causes confusion in the market

The proposal was made in consideration of acquaintances who suffered damage around them

I am not a holder

I’ve been watching a lot of projects in this market for a long time

Many projects have been checked for form

Also, we are currently working on a project

If you’re interested in the details of my proposal,

I will make a detailed proposal based on various data

i think UST holders shoud have a bigger weight in this proposal.
They had a least risk position compared to luna holders and so they deserve a bigger compensation.
I think that the immutability of blockchain should be preserved and so the snapshot should be taken only in the future for both Luna and UST holders.
This could give to all a chance to sell their bags at market prices.


Whatever you do, you’ll see, I’ll take every penny I lost.
signature kali kartel

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Just wondering what will be the real essence or use of token #LUNACLASSIC since the new LUNA is coming so soon!

And how much the value of Luna classic then!?

I bought it for 24 dollars. I bought it for 12 cents from 7 dollars to 1 dollar to reduce the cost, now that what I bought was not before May 7, it will be garbage, isn’t it ridiculous???

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Hello, I’m new, and yes another one :slight_smile:
I would have a question.
I own 500k luna on the ftx platform that I have accrued all the way down since 5/11 (luna was still $1-2).
Should I transfer them to my terra station wallet for the snapshot? Thank you in advance for your answers.

Imho, this plan is going in the right direction but needs some adjustments.

As we (almost all) agree that #TerraIsMoreThanUST, I will talk about a subject that matters to me: NFTs. Please read these few lines as a cry from the heart :heart_on_fire:

NFT platforms will receive dev funds, which is relevant, but let’s not forget the NFT projects that try to go beyond simple jpgs (which I like a lot too, but that’s not the point) and which require development funds.

I’m thinking of 2 projects in particular:

  1. Defenders (dystopai io): Defenders follows dystopAI, created by a talented team that puts AI at the service of art and always pushes the subject further. Metaverse, augmented reality, AI, etc. take a look at their Medium to understand the huge potential :shield:
  2. Orne (orne io): The CEO, Luc, had a great idea: tokenize forests. By buying NFTs from Orne, you allow the team to buy sustainably managed forests, then you benefit from their ecological exploitation in proportion to the number of NFTs (NFTrees ;)) you hold. Finally an NFT project rooted in reality that makes sense! :deciduous_tree:

I’m probably forgetting qualitative NFT projects. Feel free to complete, dear Terrans, but the point is that NFT platforms without great projects won’t be very usefull.

Some original NFT projects have it in their pants, have not announced they want to migrate and are therefore worth supporting!

#NFT #NFTs #NFTree #AR #AI #Metaverse #SustainableForestry #Sense #Funding

i guess below than 1$, they just give us coins which costs nothing

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Please make a percent of reservation for burning LUNC and create a burning portal where holder burn LUNC and claim LUNA as Reward .

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I didnt knew there is an attack or any such thing. I bought luna at 30 USD on 10th may. Why wouldnt i be compensated and i bought through exchange. The solution is not fair. Even if you want to create a new chain decide the price point based on market value and fork it from there.

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i dont know too :S

Exactly well said.
I lost $20000, not millions but still an amount of money.
When Luna collapsed, I tried to trade at the bottom, trying to get at least something back from my loss.
I sold and I bought a couple of times and I manage to get back 2000$

Now what? I’m out of Luna Classic story because I tried to save my ass… While was no communication from Luna’s side?


There is no need to create a new chain from my point of view!
Make changes to the current chain!
Create a new token and connect to the Luna and UST chains!
In the first step, airdrop a significant amount of Luna and lock the airdrops for 1 year!
In the second step, offer a new token added to the chain!
The pattern should be such that printing a new token causes Luna and UST to burn at the same time!


Small UST holders before the depeg need to be compensated FIRST. We are BROKEN lifes. We DON’T WANT TO RECOVER TERRA, we want to recover our lifes


Not sure if I understand you correctly but my take is that (LUNA) token holders understand the market volatility risks. A stablecoin on the other hand is supposed to always keep its value and is therefor considered ‘safe’. I think both LUNA and UST holders must be compensated royally, meaning very close to full if not full, but in my opinion a stronger emphasis on -each and every- UST holder, and particularly the pre-peg holders as they had so much conviction in the strenght of the project, including leadership.

@dokwon Here’s a message that you probably won’t read: seems to me that you want to rise up from the ashes swiftly with as minimal damage as possible. Facing the backlash I also think I understand it is all quite the nightmare, whether you have or have not played this whole game clean. You still have the chance to be a decent responsible person and do first things first, which right now is not the future of LUNA but the invested community who made you who you are in blockchain. You must do everything in your power to make it right for all those believers/backers who took every type of financial loss. This is the right way to live and to go forward. Work and work hard to regain worthiness. This should be your focus.

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