Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

At least put a burn function on Luna classic.


if here is almost everyone say no, why in terra station 78 % say yes ?


Vote NO to this! Joke!


Luna Classic!

Can any body will have interest in Luna “CLASSIC”

because voting power of simple plebs like us is rigged. :slight_smile:


because iff u vote yes it wil count as a no, and when u vote no it wil count as a yes

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Hello, I am an Iranian Kurd. The Iranian government discriminates against us a lot and has never benefited us, so I saved all my property in Luna, close to 2500 sec.In an Iranian exchange and a few days ago, I took a collection of tokens 17300 is my whole life wasted car and save 3 kids We are now in a rented house without any support Let’s not fail :pray::pray::pray:

because majority here seems to not understand how blockchain voting works - luna stakers can vote on chain here https://station.terra.money/proposal/1623. same as any other governance proposal. polls on forums don’t count.


Gotta vote no with veto and spread the word on this bs

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You do need a fork, but since you were little.
You think you are superior and you are laughing at everyone, you want to break the essence of the blockchain based on snapshots…
And you are not really thinking about the crypto world or the consequences that your actions will bring.
It will give rise to all the detractors of the crypto world giving you as an example, what security a blockchain can offer if we can finally manipulate it based on snapshots, where the immutability of the chain remains.
You already destroyed your project, you don’t want to also destroy the crypto world.
The only solution so that your negligence does not affect other projects is burning, not a false fork with snapshots to your liking.
I am not the owner of Luna or UST, but please someone remove this crazy person from the project. Their actions will affect the rest of the crypto world and slow down its adoption.
Do not think you are smarter than everyone and listen to the majority of CEOs of projects that work. The only logical solution is to burn.


What a joke? No man ! No way ! What a rubbish

NO with veto

Vote here: https://station.terra.money/proposal/1623

Here is where to vote for the burning plan.
It seems our “guru” made it disappearing from governance front page…

and here we go, the proposal will pass as he paid off with massive incentives on the fork the largest validators, this is so corrupt. if the validators stand to benefit, they should not be allowed to vote. it is meant to be decided by the community yet we get no real say in the matter aside from commenting here which do kwon has made very clear he does not care about nor pay attention to.

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Someone please help here.
Basically my money is in eToro which does NOT let you put it in a wallet or transfer it to the Terra app, how would I be able to receive the air drop as I currently hold 260 Luna coins???!!!

Voted yes, let’s go!

forking is a terrible idea.

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All I have…saving after reading

Go “VOTE NO” for the fork please !!! Terra Station Go on the telegram of Orion Money : Telegram: Contact @Orion_Money and say “Vote NO”. Make the same thing with the others validators

NO with veto! WE NEED 30% HERE!

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