Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

Hello everyone, my ust are stored on trustwallet, I bought them before the attack. Do I need to transfer them to another location or keep them on this wallet? Many people write about the terra station. I wish you all peace, no matter how it ends!

Where is the link,I want to vote No.

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Can you explain us why the vote for the proposal 1273 " BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction" has been retired of the section “Governance” when your proposal has been posted ? I think there are a lot of manipulations.

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the commuty delegated their luna to validator that fight for their intersets

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루나 21299 EA Voting 완료 ^^ 새로운 루나의 선전을 기원합니다.

Not only do $UST holders need a refund of funds, at least up to 10k per wallet, but you also propose to give a shit about UST holders and give the same right to those who buy from the market at 0.1
Are you really that dumb? If I had 2k in UST, I should have an allocation for this money, the one who bought at 0.1 should not be rewarded.

Give a refund to those who have lost, or a decent allocation, with smaller locks, no one needs to hold your shield for two years, with your ideas from the holders of justice, it will probably be possible to recapture 5 percent of the invested funds, tell me are you fucked?


Such a sham vote… Doesn’t represent the large majority of holders. Only people before staking was stopped, its shameful. And UST holders get no say at all


I do not approve of the current decision at all. Millions of people have been harmed who listens to their cries. And you started the plug, we don’t want the plug at all, we don’t need it anymore, V2, we don’t need the V2 anymore, you don’t think about investors at all, and your idea is to spend less money and develop a new token.

Tell me how do you take snapshots I have 900,000 Luna in my Huobi account Did you know you bankrupted me I bought 900,000 Luna when I was $ 50 and now it’s turned into a worthless yellow baby.

Let’s say V2 is launched, will you give me 90,000 of the v2 tokens later, will it cover the damage I saw, of course not

You need to enable more tokens and return the V1 algorithm to its previous state otherwise the whole blockchain will turn away from you and no one will invest


Here is the Telegram Group for everyone to get together against Fork.

This will delegitimize and end the luna ecosystem. It’s a literal ruhg pull of anyone whose bought luna on exchanges since the attack started, which means if someone (most current holders according to volume) bought between $1 and $4, they are hung out to dry, with zero recourse? Is this REALLY their plan?!?

Great question? Do we have to register the wallet?

Están manipulando los resultados de la encuesta.

They are manipulating the poll results.

If Do Kwon had added burn and remedy proposal to Luna Classic as a part of the Terra 2.0 revival plan, He would have had many more Yes votes and gain somewhat appreciation from the community.

All UST holders, please vote NO for this proposal on Terra station. This proposal does literally NOTHING to make UST holders “whole”. This is clear if we just do a simple value analysis. The proposal is for minting 1 billion New LUNA tokens and giving 20% of those to UST holders. The number of UST tokens in circulation is ~10.7 billion if we exclude those held in the Terra Station wallet. That means you will get 0.20/10.7 = 0.01869 New LUNA token for each UST token you hold.

Now even if this New LUNA token grew to a market cap comparable to that of LUNA pre UST de-peg of around $30 billion, that would mean each New LUNA token would be valued at $30. So what you’ll be getting back in USD for each UST coin you held will be ONLY $30 x 0.01869 = $0.56!!!

And that is if we are extremely optimistic about the growth of this new token. Market cap of LUNA is hovering around the $1 billion mark right now, which is probably a better indicator of the perceived value of this project right now in the eyes of investors. Growth prospect for the New LUNA coin also seems grim to me. Do Kwon himself said that “UST has been the central narrative of Terra’s growth story” and without UST and Anchor Protocol driving the narrative, I really doubt this new LUNA token will take off. So if we take the less optimistic and much more realistic estimate that this new LUNA token will eventually capture a $1 billion market cap, that’s a return of A MERE $0.01869 for every UST token that you hold!!!

All of this is also not taking into consideration that there are plans to inflate the token supply by 7% p.a in the form of staking rewards that will further dilute the price per token at the same market cap. And in my personal opinion, there is a high probability of this new token eventually just becoming worthless because of negative market sentiment and low confidence in this project. Btw, pretty certain that an analysis of expected return for LUNA holders will be similarly terrible (probably much worse actually).

Really the only way forward imo is to FIRST put together a solid plan to reimburse majority of UST holders to regain confidence in the project. @FatMan’s proposal seems reasonable, the team should find the means to raise capital for something along those lines. Plans for a fork can come after and will have much greater chance of success once the community sees the goodwill from legitimate plans to reimburse losses. Reiterating that it is important to reimburse UST holders over Luna holders because UST holders treated their coins as part of their savings and not as an investment. Of course LUNA holders also need to be reimbursed, especially holders pre de-peg. Unlike UST though, it isn’t easy to say what a fair price will be for Luna holders to be reimbursed. It would probably need to be some fraction of the price of LUNA pre de-peg + new tokens of the forked New LUNA which if followed up after sincere efforts to reimburse UST holders will likely have a much greater chance of success.


Do Kwon

Friends, burn Luna. This is your only way to restore the same Luna.
Otherwise, many investors will sue you for fraud. Hold your head, friend. Luna slept. :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :comet: :comet: :comet:


Why did you tell you will help people who bought >1$ in first plan, and in the final plan you completely forget them ?

  • 15% unlocked at genesis; 85% vested over 2 years thereafter with 6 month cliff

I have 500k luna after post attack? What is the allocation?!

Can u tell me what this means?

Unlocked at genesis means 15% of 500k can be used?

85% vested over 2 years?

N 6 months cliff?


People don’t need this fork, they just want their hard-earned money back!
Their lifes are at stake now.
Say NO to fork.

Only worth proposal is by FatMan - refund Anchor wallets.