Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

Why did you tell you will help people who bought >1$ in first plan, and in the final plan you completely forget them ?

  • 15% unlocked at genesis; 85% vested over 2 years thereafter with 6 month cliff

I have 500k luna after post attack? What is the allocation?!

Can u tell me what this means?

Unlocked at genesis means 15% of 500k can be used?

85% vested over 2 years?

N 6 months cliff?


People don’t need this fork, they just want their hard-earned money back!
Their lifes are at stake now.
Say NO to fork.

Only worth proposal is by FatMan - refund Anchor wallets.


According to the vote governance if i understood correctly, if the “no veto votes surpass 33.4 something percent” then the proposal is rejected, currently it stands at 9.8% aproximatelly

  1. The votes are tallied. Proposals pass if they meet three conditions:
  • Quorum is met: at least 40% of all staked Luna must vote.
  • The total number of NoWithVeto votes is less than 33.4% of the total vote.
  • The number of Yes votes reaches a 50% majority. If the previous conditions are not met, the proposal is rejected.

Make sure to blacklist those validators who voted “Yes” and never interact with them on new chain. They are just a part of the new deception.


This still feels like an emotional decision due to the failure of UST. Yes, it can happen again, but we’ve learned where the vulnerabilities lie (https://twitter.com/stablekwon/status/1464897977793728514).

It ignores the fact that the thing it championed was what attracted people to the chain - a fully decentralized stablecoin. Seems like a recipe for mediocrity if UST goes by the wayside.

While this latest revision of the Revival Plan takes into consideration more of what the previous iterations missed, I think this proposal is the best I’ve seen:

its not fair. terra twitter account is just propagating forking.


But the issue is not that the current LUNA & UST is not savable (because they both are, and I have a layed out plan to do just that). They want to fork for other reasons. Maybe because it’s easier but I don’t see all that value being just abandoned for a new chain out of lazyness, and dine so fast tbh. It feels like there’s more at play here for doing this than we will ever know.

My summerized plan lays it all out.


Do Kwon is manipulating the voting. The big majory want burns and not a new coin. My question is why do they do a voting of they will manipulate it and do what they want?


I really think that before we accept any proposals, we should do a deep dive into finding whomever participated in this Black Swan attack.

Since it took knowledge of the system, timing (between 3Pool and 4Pool, etc.), it is possible that someone here made a ton of money from a premeditated attack.

I would surely hate to discover sometime in the future that the bad actor(s) continued to extract maximum value from the attack through an ecosystem change.

Just my two cents. Making major decisions while in a hurry and under emotional stress is never a good idea if one can avoid it.


i think they will not do any repay. There will no fork neither.
they are just trying to buy time for escape.


HELP!!! I’m sorry more I see you talk about new Luna land but we are poor we do not have money to wait so long I borrowed money from loan sharks invest in the UST Lost invest in Luna lost i eam i’m dreaming that this currency come back urgent to save me from the debts so I ask you please help us without having many other people in the same situation and I ask God to touch your heart to have pity on all of us lend us 800 bus and paid with interest until the currency come back please to pay my rent and buy food please

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I’ve been fairly active on the forums lately. On the edge of my seat really just trying to engage with the community.

From what I can tell, for the most part this is a large community of retail investors who really support eachother. Its been very humbling listening to people’s stories and almost everyone here has been negatively impacted financially at one level or another.

Some people lost everything some people lost thousands some people lost hundreds of thousands some people lost millions.

To sit here and watch the terra Twitter page retweet builders and validators aka whales that want to continue building with the new terra system really makes my blood boil.

It’s almost like it’s nothing to see here hashtag we will rebuild.

In what faction of life other than crypto can an 80 billion dollar organization or blockchain or corporation be reduced to zero causing thousands of retail investors to lose absolutely everything in 36 hours and pick up less than 7 days later and say okay we’re starting fresh.

What in the actual f is going on how could you could be moving on without making retail investors whole. This is absolutely ridiculous it’s an abomination and it’s absolutely sickening.

This was not some high-risk gamble on a token with the market cap of 25 million. This market is as a stable coin marketed as a alternative to conventional banking and savings.

And somehow or another people are supposed to be optimistic about a brand new chain get real.


All of my LUNA is held in my Voyager account, how do I evidence it so I am able to vote?

Any burn happening soon to rescue LUNA?


This review is fake, in all groups I’m 100% against Hard Fork

The right thing is for you to keep the same currency and make the project work by burning these 6 trillion tokens that you printed

If you don’t, you’ll get burned all over the world.


Should I remove ANC-UST LP or can I leave it while the new updates come out, what should I do?

I need clarity on it.

He is saving his ass . and validators are protecting him . this coin is owned by him and the validators . community own NOTHING . and even IF all of us say NO , he still going to do it . Both chains are doomed


Voted yes.

I trusted your system and believed it would be fixed. I bought it for 43 dollars on 10.05.2022 and never sold it. I trusted your size and system. Now you say to pay 07.05.2022. This is a great injustice.