Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

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Do Kwon, your first priority should be to make the UST holders whole who held through this turmoil and never sold their UST. After that you can do whatever you need to save LUNA. UST is a stable coin and you need to honor that as people have their life savings in it, take care of that first using the reserves in LFG, you will improve your reputation, which will help you fix LUNA afterwards.


I too need to learn on this point

This is simply one of the dumbest “rescue plan” ever. You really just asking all your community to simply forget what happened and tryna take more money from em? By “rebuilding”.Stfu already you pos. Worst decision of us was to invest in your dumb fraud sht. Theres no more trust in this community and all the devs should just leave your fked up community.

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The best solution is to buy UST at 80% of TOTAL SUPPLY, then LISTING LUNA/UST and write off the USDT and BUSD pair. This will help raise the demand for UST and you can control the price of LUNA. I know this solution is difficult, but it is better than a fork


You may want to take a look at this one.

So you will abandon all UST holders at “Pre-atack” and distrubte tokens among speculators? That’s pretty shity idea. Probably better will be as many people say - fix current project, burn Luna and restore peg.

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So, the people that launched this attack will get a full refund and some extra exit liquidity, you get some extra tokens and some extra exit liquidity, ust/luna holders will get their coins locked for 2 years while the price of new Luna is trying to compete with Luna Classic’s price after de-peg. Wow. What an amazing idea you come up with after these 5 days of silence.
What can one even say about your proposal?
“Probably the most retarded thread ive read this decade.
Silence is a perfectly acceptable option if stupid.” (c) [email protected], Nov 28, 2021

Listen to CZ. Implement burning mechanism. Save the project.


the burning of the luna does not solve anything with investors and holders, this would only make a few rich who have taken advantage of the prices of the last days to buy luna and ust


Who TF is 90% you greedy prick?
Are you FKN blind? Read the proposals and the support for buyback & burn.
Only time this stupid proposal of fork has 90% support is in your dreams.


No. Can you please do as others have asked and burn excess Luna? We’re losing people. Burn it please.


What would happen if I held my bLUNA and Luna on astroport in an LP would I get the new token ? Also I had my UST on Thorswap in a rune/UST lp what would happen then ?

Your reply reminds me of the movie “The Core”.

Not to spoil…but you’re describing what happened in that movie.

The idea that there simply “is no other way” - and ironically, what caused that impasse was a blatantly silly oversight by the constructor of the ship they used…

Even more ironically, the cause of the Core destabilizing was one of the engineers who brought the issue to attention.

There’s a quality line in there that leads to what sounds like the popular solution here:

“an electric shock can stop a heart. It can certainly restart one.”

It sounds like the majority believe that the “electric shock” (buy and burn) is the better answer, even if it temporarily destabilizes things in the short term, that it appears to make everyone right in the long term AND isn’t running from the issue.

Did we misread the situation?


You are failing for the second time in 10 days, just read the comments of your proposal to understand that it has no vision, if this proposal passes you have at least 80% already against, think about it, listen to your community


F*ck you and your fork. More than 80% of the people want a BURN.


another leftout for those after depeg? so many have purchased it after your tweets. what about those who went all in at 50 dollars, 40 dollars all the way down to 1cent?

what about those who were the luma holders in the first place who had to sell luna for personal reason and came back around to buy at 40 dollars looking at long term?

이거 보고 계시면 차별 안두셨으면 좋겠어요. 거래소에서 샀고 전재산 파산한 사람입니다. 물만 여러번 탔구여 끝까지 믿어서… 제발 공평하게 대해주세요. 그렇지 않으면 납득하기 힘듭니다


no man, with such roadmap your place in prison. CZ, Butterin and other people told you that UST holders at time of attack should be repayed. Fatman even made a plan how repay major part of UST holders, repaying small holders first. Why you can’t understand that these people bought stablecoin not altcoin with variable price (such as LUNA for example).They spent 1$ for 1UST. The price of UST was guaranteed by you and your team. And now they sold their UST coins much cheaper or holding bags of UST which far away from 1$. If peolple who was holding UST at the time of attack stay not payed you and your team will commit a fraud and you can be sure law enforcers will bring you to justice. I’m sure even than it will be not in Singapore or Korea but in USA.


No fork , t …ck

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But in my case (and in that of many Lunatics) I had a large part of bLuna with a borrow in Anchor (50% requested). On 9/5 I did not get to pay the borrow and take what I could. I was liquidated in minutes.

I know that loans are risky, but they can be controlled if everything “flows normally”. So many people lost their Lunas because of this tragedy, they are definitely gone.

Are these people going to be taken into account, who were the ones who made Anchor Protocol work?


Why at the launch snapshot ? So that more whales can buy it ? and dilute the airdrop supply for us ?

Keep the snapshot to pre attack ?