Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

Hopefully it results in people buying UST. If UST rises high enough, I’ll get my funds out.

it just means that people who staked on that validator overrode the validator’s vote from no to yes. There is no rigging in blockchain.

well we need a leader also dev team for working on old chain lunc

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Its just also very funny that someone can invest their life savings into crypto and then call someone who bought a dip greedy or opportunistic. People dont realise just how stupid they make themselves look


I suppose that Luna Classic is going to have a burn so that it can survive in time. nothing appears in your proposal of this.

Original Luna community should be strong and build our own ecosystem and burn mechanism, we have the advantage, we just need to a strong leadership and some good investments, I am sure that this token can go up if we build around it, Investors should be looking into this for very high returns. I create this post where we can discuss more about it. Let's stay together with the original luna and implement the burning mechanism - #9 by shoyru


Which explains why you are so pissy. You need to get away from your keyboard and go get some fresh air

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I bought a few spot luna on Kucoin, do I have to do anything to get that 10% or no?

I moved my LUNA onto KuCoin to do quicker and cheaper trades. Like there is no recourse for UST holders on exchanges? Only on Terra Station?

This is the comment that wins all.

Do-o, unless you fix the old to where it was, you will amount to nothing in life after this.

The industry will make sure. The investors will make sure. Developers will flock away. As a Korean you should know first hand good vs bad, positive energy vs negative. Your days are numbered.

Pure manipulation and distraction in this poll …

community vote already lost, there’s no way out,
it’s going to be the way he (Do Kwon) wants. I only see one solution,
create a demand on the Deep Web and Dark Web, for this situation.

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Can anyone explain why I received this token?

[MOD EDIT: removed fake token link]

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Its still unclear who, how much and what we get after fork!? I holded 125 Luna and 11k UST Liquidity Pool on Osmosis protocol before attack /depeg of course… Before that I holded for couple of years on Binance.

So we get 1:1 coins refund or what? Just locked/vested for some time?

They only need more $ if they lost money. If they were supposed to always have enough collateral for each UST then that’s TerraLuna not having enough capital. If they need outside capital then they need to burn the excess as soon a possible to gain the confidence of new and old investors. For example, If 25% of UST and LUNA are owned (bought, being held), 75% is not owned and is just diluting the price of the 25%. Burn the 75% to reduce the inflation and raise the price via principal of scarcity.


This was a great steal. That’s what needs to be realized. There’s no honest community vote. Everyone lost. Everyone got played. We got suckered. At least with V2 we can be fleeced again!

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What attack? It was Do Kwon Bug

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How is this decentalized if it is not easy for the everyday user to vote, or have their input heard? This is centralized to a small number of insiders. Moreover, people must understand that in the crypto space we do not need government regulations and we can regulate it ourselves. Let try to get rid of him, take his assets and move it in the luna network for the benefit of all rather then being seized by the local korean government and only used to compensate his friends there

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im same situation than you. i changed all my stablecoins to UST on MAY 3!!! im still having the same USTs cause i didnt sell, why ? i trusted on [email protected]#[email protected]# dowon

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Hey guys can someone clarify what will happen to me holding 6mil Terra Luna on Binance is there any percentage i would get from that 10% community distribution?

Diretamente do Brasil

Mr. Dok Won, actually doesn’t want to rescue $LUNA he helped to sink her. He was silent as the retail shopped and the whales swallowed our money. He’s captivated by the catastrophe. That was clear with this plan. Starting from scratch again in the same $LUNA would be honorable, but he doesn’t carry honor in his DNA. He continues to ignore the crowd and focus only on whales and his billionaire friends, laughing at the crowd while sipping his $100,000 whiskey. Wake up, sooner or later he will give that information on twitter to finish with me, with you and anyone else that his vanity can’t hear, see and understand. He mocked serious business while he was at the top, and now he mocks retail as we agonize. Never believe in people.