Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

So what happens to any and all of the Luna bought during the dip?


“for all holders with a snapshot balance of 10k Luna or less , 30% unlocked at genesis”

This doesn’t cover what happens to wallets that had 11k Luna, I assume it’d be the 1 year cliff. For the sake of fairness, let’s have 30% of the first 10k Luna of every wallet unlock immediately.

Your address is NOT what Do Kwon provided!!!



How will folks in ETH and AVAX Curve pools be treated?

Thank you.

Better to have it on Terra chain…


No fork solution for the Terra ecosystem that compensates everyone fairly and also still allows for a stablecoin to exist.

Feel free to use this draft or parts of it for your own ideas or take part in crafting and forwarding this Proposal.

I had UST on Anchor before de-pegging, moved them a few days after to Binance where I also own Luna both before/after disaster.

Question: What shall I do EXACTLY to get back my UST whenever you will start with the new road?

Can I please know which is the official channel where you will publish your final decision and plan?

Thank you

:fire: :fire:NO FORK :fire: :fire: With this way of responding and lack of respect for the opinion of the Terra Luna community, there is no hope for Luna’s future. There is only one right way to burn :fire: and revive the current Luna.


I think it’s fair to have 3 snapshots at 3 times.
1 - Moment before LUNA when attacked.
2 - The time before stopping the LUNA blockchain (May 13). DEX exchanges now pause trading at the price of 0.00005. Because during this time, although the total supply increased, there was no announcement coming buyer.
3 - The time after reopening the blockchain (May 13 - May 27). After reopening there was a lot of buyer and sell back at x50,x100.

If there are only 2 shots as Proposal, it’s not fair to people who don’t know about LUNA’s supply problem and they tried to buy LUNA to avoid further drop in price.


Those numbers make no sense unless you sold again at 0.36 ?

That “investigation” has more holes than a swiss cheese

the higher the price gets, the less people will want to burn. I don’t see it having a material impact, personally.

Isn’t this answered in the OP? 2nd bullet in the 5th paragraph?

There’s an assumption, based on an earlier rev of the proposal, that said there would be 1Bn Luna2. Why this is still regarded as gospel after that text was removed, I don’t know.
And yes indeed to your 2nd point. People desperate to cling on to a liferaft and no one knows if it will float.

0.0000043% then?

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I see no reason UST or LUNA need to be backed by any fiat or even crypto currency (that is the very premise of defi) , however basic supply and demand would demand that any excess LUNA is burned instead of recirculated into the terra ecosystem. If there is no centralized control of minted LUNA then please appeal to any exchanges complicit in the pairing and sale of auto minted LUNA to instead send it to the burn address. I have invested a lot particularly into LUNA, pre, during and post crash, and it would be a positive outlook for the terra concept to at least attempt a community/exchange wide bounce back.

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I had the idea that the Terra Luna Community could open something like a Donation-Wallet, where besides burning coins someone could donate a part of his coins for people that lost their life savings, especially little wallets, by redistribution. Wouldnt it be nice?

Burning and Donation, made by community.

Sorry, english isnt my first language.


i agree

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I also do not know what to do with luna, which I keep in LUNA (Wormhole) bought on May 11

give a guide what to do

It was publicly disclosed that staking was halted to prevent a governance attack. This was vitally important, or believe it or not the chain would be even worse off, to where we definitely wouldn’t be talking about any sort of an airdrop right now at all. The voting is not rigged. Every validator has the ability to vote with the full amount of Luna delegated to them, and any stakers that delegate to them are free to change that vote as they wish. If you have already staked Luna, you ultimately control your vote in the end, not the validator. These newcomers that bought Luna for fractions of a penny should absolutely have 0 say in any kind of governance decisions, and claiming otherwise would be out of ignorance or malicious intent.


We’re just watching how you selfishly screw up LUNA.
You will have a big 0 in your hand

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While you may be right, it defeats the purpose of decentralization, doesn’t it? We’re back to a few people (comparatively to the number of current holders) having a say in this vote. Sure, maybe it’s for the best, they’ll vote in our own interest, they’ll take care of us…

But this vote is exactly what centralization is.


I agree that we need to see them stay (at least) carbon neutral.

So-called “Mr. Wonderful” had a lot to say about this at Bitcoin 2022. Bottom line, the only miners who will be left standing are those who prove they are carbon neutral.

The emerging miners are actually teaching other companies about how to go green. Some have found ways to use up the toxic dregs from coal refining, which until now were placed in special toxic landfills. Others are using the gas that we used to see as flame burnoffs from oil wells. Others are finding out-of-the-way waterfalls for turbine energy. A couple of NY miners are at around 100% from zero carbon sources.

All the promising mining companies are on track to move to renewable energy sources, with some like the coal refuse companies delivering negative net carbon.

Many jurisdictions (such as the state of NY) have legislation happening that won’t allow any mining that is not carbon neutral.

There is a lot of money at stake in crypto, so these companies move faster than the rest on industry in this regard. This is also due to the fact that POW haters try to shut them down by claiming they are polluters, so they move even faster. Some of the ideas that they work with are now being adopted by large server farms that have nothing to do with crypto. The miners are at the cutting edge.

That’s why I say that I do not think it’s such a problem.

The only non-green source these days seems to be China. Earlier reports claimed that mining was over in China, but digital forensics companies are now claiming that over 20% of BTC mining is still done there, but are being obfuscated by VPNs to make them seem to be outside China.

As an aside, Elon Musk attacked BTC when pushing for Doge by saying Tesla would take BTC as payment one there was evidence that at least 50% of US BTC mining was carbon neutral. US miners proved over 70% carbon neutrality, with the final 30% unknowable due to lack of disclosure. Musk did nothing. They didn’t help his Doge narrative. A lot is politics.

What happens to $LUNA held on Osmosis chain?

I invested around $10K (not so much for someone) but for me these were my savings when Luna was around 30$, now it has a worth of only 0.05$. Because the screenshot of LUNA Holders will be made on 27.05.2022 does that mean that I am going to recieve only 0.05$ worth of the new Luna v2 ? Can someone please explain this to me ?