Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [PASSED GOV]

I don’t think you realised that over 90% of the people both here and on socials do NOT want a fork but insist on burning the excess supply. While we do expect it will be a hard battle both in development and financially for all of us to recover money and those that supported the death spiral from falling faster, we expect communication and for our voices to be truly taken accounted for.

We don’t expect overnight recovery or overnight solution, but we do expect replies. Please listed to the community and burn the supply. UST has failed but that doesn’t mean it cant revive trough some changes in the future (like 1:1 dollar backing to compete with USDC)

WE WANT a BURN and we WANT Terra to succeed and UST to revive in a more solid manner.

Please listed to us who have this project at heart.


So basically I had ust and now I’m going to have luna I don’t care.

I put in stable, not to have a token that will fluctuate. And besides I’m vested 2 years. In 2 years the price will be 0 because no one will want to invest in a token with this heavy history.

Then you allow guys to invest now to get an airdrop. I’m not here to gamble, it’s my savings…

No one wants this FORK other then the BIG VC’s that have big BAGS!

Just focus on what you have failed and keep on burning current LUNA supply and rise from the ashes!

Most probably you will not care my comment since big backers are not going to let you care my comment…


Gonna keep it short. Clearly he doesn’t want to do the burn. No amount of fundamentals are going to fix this project, forking an already shit project and expecting the trust to come back is the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard. And even if the community votes against this, Do will find a way to get what he wants. Seriously the biggest embarrassment in this space, but hey at least you made a lot of money right Kwon? Lol

This is UNACCEPTABLE! People who still took risk after the fall started and the ones who still were holding the coins are the ones who deserve to get the coin. Instead you want to reward those who ran away selling everything at whatever the price additing to rapid fall of coin? Why should fork be initiated for those who sold everything?? How do you justify those loosing money just because they invested after the fall started? Aren’t they the ones who let LUNA stand at whatever the price while sellers ensured it went to “ZERO”
Offcourse those who sold it would want a free pie of new coin and will vote for it.
Just remember, if you guys go ahead with this plan, you will loose heavily on investor confidence. And if this happens to any of your projects again, there will be no buyers left, meaning a sureshot fall of all future projects.
I say again, only those who are still holding LUNA (remember many of them are still in good profits) deserve pie of any rewards to come

Here is the result of the voting…


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Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2

Feuture liquidated luna how will recover so we are bought in dip because we know luna was a good project but this kind of fork is worth less for ours so we are beginning you and 90% people are demanding to burn burn burn

I had large amount UST staking in CoinList rewards and OKX staking

Need to know what’s going to happen, I am still holding my UST

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Spot reserved

Burn Burn Burn!!!

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With what funds? Ive been a big supporter to burn but we have no money to do it. The reserve is gone

I disagree with the fork… A better solution is to burn as many $LUNA tokens as possible. A fork won’t solve anything, it will just lose the trust and reliability of the users.

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The majority of the community seems to want a BURN instead. I agree!!


Repeg $UST and fix it even if you don’t offer anchor anymore. That’s the true value of Terra. In fact this is Terra main advertisement since the beginning and people trust you with their life savings!


for everybody who is worried about their token on CEX

do kwon and his team is working it out with the cex to provide air drop.

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no fork :woozy_face:

nice :smiley:

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Luna to be airdropped across Luna Classic stakers, Luna Classic holders, residual UST holders, and essential app developers of Terra Classic.

what about LP providers stluna-luna, luna-bluna, luna-ust… in astroport?

I am ready to buy a lot of new Luna, where can I buy them?

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