Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 Suggestions (Tokenomics, Snapshots and more)

Some modifications to the original plan

Revise to LUNA tokenomics

  • Bring down the staking incentives from 7% to ~4%, this will make LUNA deflation just like Ethereum
  • All transaction fees should be burned
  • So the flywheel will start spinning when Terra Ecosystem gains more dApps and users make LUNA price pump

Revise to LUNA Classic snapshot

  • All snapshot should be taken on three blocks (before the depeg, the second halt and “launch”)
  • A more aggresive burn mechanism should be implemented in LUNA Classic

To the fellow community members and LUNAtics

I know this has been a hard time to all community members (#LUNAtics).
As we can see, make LFG and TFL pay all the debt NOW is impossible.
The only chance that we can still be a vital part in the crypto industry is to rebuild and make LUNA great again.