Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan X


Using the existing assets of LFG to perfectly revive the terra ecosystem


The remaining LFG reserves of Luna foundation include 313 BTCs, 39914 bnbs, 1973554 avax, 1847079725 ust and 222713007 Luna


Deposit 1847079725 ust into the ANC income reserve to pay interest to maintain the normal operation of ANC deposit agreement users

Burn Luna to obtain a new algorithm stable currency USM, and introduce the combustion currency for UST combustion, named burn

Change the ANC deposit agreement and accept the new algorithm stable currency for deposit. The deposit interest rate is 20% ust + 200% burn, 1ust+1burn=1usm


Buy Luna with BNB in hand, and then burn Luna into new USM. USM can also be directly replaced with Luna, 1:1. The obtained USM is deposited in ANC as a deposit to obtain 20% ust + 200% burn interest

Use BTC in hand to borrow money in ANC agreement to obtain USM and bear interest of 3%

The next day, the ANC agreement will give birth to burn according to 1ust + 1burn = 1usm. At this time, LFG has no ust in its hand, but there are 4burn in its hand. It can only buy 4ust in the secondary market in exchange for USM

As long as the circulation operation is carried out, other supporters who believe in Luna will also burn their hands to exchange Luna for USM and deposit USM into ANC in exchange for 5 burn the next day. Finally, there will be less and less ust on the market, more and more USM, and the price of ust will come back to US $1. When the total amount of USM is equal to UST,

Change the ANC protocol again. When the 1847079725 ust initially stored in the LFG is completely exhausted, the stored USM will no longer obtain 20% UST, otherwise the system will crash again

Finally, if the plan is approved, I hope you can give me some Luna to participate in the USM plan