Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan

Please keep the community positive on twitter on regular basis while you guys work on a strategy to revive LUNA and UST. It helps the price to keep growing steadily.


I think the 84M UST sold by Attacker(s) (as well as other of their Terra/UST) should be excluded in the new distribution. Please make this clear.

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Crypto has no guarantees is black and white
Refunding will cause lack of trust and stability in the ecosystem.
I bought at 100usdt per one…
But as market stated to collapse,i took the chance to buy more to compensate my lost,
Refunding is waste of funds
Those who buy high must have buy lower again to compensate themselves.
And u want to refund them again?
the point is clear NO REFUNDING IN CRYPTO WORLD.
The team priorities now was to solve the issues buyback extra minted Luna,
Then we can still bounce back in the future.


This is an amazing community any other crypto company would have just left the community members behind if their crypto went down. I hope to be able to make many more investments into Luna in the future and any new crypto tokens that Terra comes out with. :pray:

when luna depend on UST won ?

I know it’s not intentional, but this comes off as a bait-and-switch to both UST holders and LUNA holders.

@dokwon, the only way for any currency to gain confidence is if buyers can expect to get what they paid for…

…and the only way for any new Terra project to gain confidence, is if the old Terra project ultimately kept its promises.

You say that you want to preserve the Terra ecosystem. How do you expect for it to gain people’s trust for new products, if it retroactively rewrote its obligations and its policies the first time around?

UST buyers paid for a promise of 1:1 on-demand redemption for dollars. They did not buy a share in Terra: If they had wanted that, they would have bought LUNA. Terra sold them each a promise of $1 per UST—no more, no less.

Perhaps they cannot be paid immediately because the Terra network is, in substantial effect, an insolvent debtor with liabilities exceeding assets. Perhaps. If so, that should be handled accordingly: There are customary and acceptable ways of working out a payment plan for an insolvent debtor to discharge its obligations as much as possible, as fast as possible.

LUNA buyers at all times paid for a fungible token equal to, and indistinguishable from, each and every other LUNA. And there is nothing unfair about the potential for high profits: To the contrary. Those who made an extremely high-risk investment by dumping money into a dying coin deserve to be rewarded commensurately to the risk. Those who did so as LTH are visionaries who made an all-or-nothing bet on Terra’s success, at the moment when it was reasonable to expect for LUNA to go to zero. They not “marginal buyers”. Indeed, some of them probably care about Terra’s stated mission much more than FOMO buyers, who paid much more when they wanted to get in on the big green candlesticks.

(Disclosure: I am one of those. So are some of my friends, whom I persuaded to throw money into LUNA on the way down. Although I am a relative newcomer, I do think I’m the type you probably want to keep here.)

For both UST holders and LUNA holders, it is unfair to switch them to something different than what they bought—all divvied up in a way that seems arbitrary.

A brief counter-proposal:
Make an unequivocal public declaration that Terra’s overriding priority is to make UST holders whole. As much as possible, as fast as possible, not stopping till it’s done. Work to calm fears that UST holders will be switched to something different than they paid for.

Draw up a payout and re-pegging plan, from the perspective of an insolvent debtor who earnestly wants to keep his promises.

Implement creative ways to incentivize the mass-burning of cheap LUNA, based on self-selection by STHs and LTHs. That problem may be more tractable than it seems, because much of the public is currently treating LUNA as toy money. Sure, many people scooped up LUNA for cheap; but most of them will treat it as, “easy come, easy go!”


$200K in LUNA …gone


Each one who purchases LUNA should obtain the same rights, because they have also made the same contribution. This is the spirit of the blockchain. If you think that the rights of some people are fraud, they need to be responsible.

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According to an article from the this week, LFG had 3.5 billion dollars in Bitcoin.

If this was used to defend the peg (presumably by buying depegged UST for < $1), we would expect LFG to have more than 3.5 billion in UST.

LFG claims to only have, at the end, around 1 billion in UST it was looking to burn.

Where is the other $2.5+ billion?


Why can’t the ust be pulled back to $1? Where did all the money that was deposited with you go? Are you all swallowed?

I am a UST holder. Never sold a single UST while this whole debacle was unfolding, and still holding them now. We need to bring this to the courts immediately, before any kind of redistribution that does not prioritize debt-holders ends up happening. I live in the US and am reaching out to Singaporean lawyers. At this point, it is stupid to leave fighting over the scraps to speculators and various flavors of legitimate creditors. We need legal recourse.

If you want to collaborate, let me know.


So would the compensation come from a distribution of a forked coin after an update, or 1:1 of USDC?

How does this apply to someone like me who held his luna on binance ? so i had 82 luna which i sold at like 40 bucks and having a loss of about 4k how much money would i reasonably see back from this. Or do i get 82 luna tokens worth a dollar each ?

With respect do kwon, TFL and LFG need to use their remaining reserves to buy back and burn the Luna which is currently diluting it’s value. I don’t think creating a new chain is the right way. There were many who trusted your last few tweets about support coming and continued to buy and support Luna even while the ship was going down. You need to repay that trust. Please buy back and burn the excess Luna. Don’t destroy the chain.



Bro, to me your plan is not how to fix the problem, but to find a way to get away with the mistakes you made.

You made mistakes and you fix it, you earn respect from the community. Creating a new chain talking about how the tokens being distributed without solving the exisiting problems, you are as naive as I can think of you man.

These new tokens have no values if there isnt trust or respect from you and definitely there wont be community to support that.


Pre-crash investors, our money is gone. The only way to get it back is to invest more money now and work to attract market capital. If theres opportunity to make money people will come in droves. Any existing chain capital should be used to buy and burn tokens. This will drive up the price, people will make fortunes, and more investors will pile in. This is the only way.


The people bought luna before supply minting get rewarded or not. I mean the people bought at 5$, 1$ etc… the supply remained the same at that time. Its started minting from 700m to trillions after the luna price dropped down below 0.1$ . This price drop is because of panic sellers.do they come under 40% or 10%. Can anyone answer please!?

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A simple tweak might help: Slow down ust → luna per block to some very low absorbable amount (i.e. a max downward slope on ust conversion). The problem right now is there is scarce liquidity, try to match it. ust holders have to either patently wait for their ust to convert via luna into real usd or sell at the market to someone more patient. Some mechanism that considers liquidity for max. ust → luna per block would introduce an interesting variability (i.e some kind of avg. liquidity → if liquidity or traded volume is high more ust ->luna and vice versa) .
Furthermore there has to be some certainty with a luna token supply cap. New buyers have no orientation at what market cap they are investing into the ecosystem, therefore not buying. Noone has an idea about the 0 involved…

I think should refund UST 1:1, for LUNA to keep current trading because LUNA is a token and is not a stable coin. We all know the rule in the crypto space. After that, get rid off ust


I’m holding UST on Binance, I transferred the money from anchor protocol on 10 May, what happens to my UST with this proposal?