Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan

Staking users are real Lunatic! Aiming for a cat bounce on a plummet chart is a gamble. (It’s impossible to save them.) And At this point, incineration has no meaning, Luna Foundation and Staking Real Lunatic cannot be revive either. It is meaningless because only It is meaningless because Ultra low price buyers only person benefit. The winners right now are those who bought the bottom(0.0000012-) and sold at .00059 (x500)

Pretty sure he read all the 5473 answers in the 1h he spent online recently

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fatman asks:

  • How can you possibly propose giving 40% to old LUNA holders and 10% to new holders? How is that at all commensurate considering new holders got billions/trillions of LUNA tokens at less than pennies on the dollar?

Fatman, for someone who is so active in this discussion, it amazes me that you even have to ask. It makes me think youre a shill.

the answer to the question you ask is this: Because this is how trading works. People who bought one bitcoin own one bitcoin, whether it was bought at $1.00 or $60000.00. Same with luna. Lets stop the sillyness.


No sirve un nuevo token, ya perdió credibilidad. Salve la actual luna

Whats happening in the other thread is worth looking at and asking the OP to fix. It proves that the Terracorp/Do are trying to control the narrative. Please take a look and if you havnt commented on that thread yet, ask for “slow mode” to be removed. We need to have free communication.

Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2

The problem is, they have it set to “slow mode” which means you have only one comment every 4 hours. The thread is stuffed with people who made their profile only minutes ago, making their first comment ever on the platform. Most of whom are in favor of a fork or some kind of redistribution. We cant reply to them if we’ve commented already in the last 4 hours, which makes the thread one-sided and misleading.

Redistribution only favors the whales and the corp, Dont fall for it, and don’t let them suppress our speech.

Things are not that difficult. First of all, we decouple UST from Luna, and separate Luna to form a chain, so we don’t understand why we need to create a new chain. Then discuss the compensation plan for the holders of UST, so that a division of many items can be started to implement?

That is, to the people who came to your aid after the attack and bought and kept Luna. Do you answer like this ??! I’m really sorry I believed that

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I thought Luna’s minting stopped. It increased by 1.5T in the last few days. What is going on?

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Someone said it takes 7 days to fully stop or something.

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At this rate, the amount of minted Luna will be approx 16 T or more.

How can I get compensation if I only have coins on Binance?

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این اگه ادم حسابی بود اسمش دو کوون بود اخه؟

VOTE NO. There are better proposals out there that benefit US… the users… who lost all of our money. We do not need to vote to support Do Kwon in any way. Forget Luna, forget the developers, compensate the users or your community will be dead forever.

Someone needs to take this cocky little shit out of his position. Do Kwon will be in prison within the next year.


he is busy restoring his own wealth

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Why do they keep selling LUNA if its only worth 10% of what we’re paying now? Why can I still buy it today, and it’s instantly worth 90% less than its listed price? That’s essentially what you’re saying. You are selling an asset for 90% markup right now that instantly loses its value the moment you buy it? Why hasn’t this been halted by the exchanges? Are they in on it?

Do Kwon says he is open for ideas and proposals.

But the truth is many people spend hours to write proposals. And he didnt read any of it.

Click his profile and you will see read time. He only read for 1 hour.

Doing a fork is the easiest way out. And he gets to retain most luna for his family, friends and team.

LFG didnt use all crypto to buy back ust. The part he did use was to help whales buy back at peg 1 usd. They arent showing any evidence here.

And he is on twitter being cocky again. Thats your ceo guys! Keep dreaming…


You should refund more the holders of the UST coins (not only for 40%). The holders of the UST coins counted on the stability of the currency and, for this reason, have a lower propensity to risk than the luna holders. In relation to owners of UST coins, it would seem that only those who owned ust on anchor protocol will be protected. There are also small investors who held UST coins on NEXO, BINANCE, APERTURE FINANCE and other platforms. What will happen to these people?

I think you misunderstand what the 10% means.

It’s not 10% of what you pay now or what you own. It’s 10% of the newly minted Luna2 distributed to owners who meet the criteria.

I hope I am misunderstanding it.

I’m just wondering why exchanges are allowing LUNA to be sold anymore.

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