Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan

It’s so unfair! Especially as we bought and held the tokens knowing we may never see our money again. And what is wrong with seeing the potential when others are offloading the coin? Not nice.
I actually expected the old holders to go and buy the dip to save the coin. We did.


I bought Luna when it was $90 for a million and with my last hopes I bought again when I completely reached zero I put my last dollars, everything in binance I would like to know how the distribution is going to be. Your support asking for help blocked me. Notice that.tank you

In my case I had around 2k Lunas also at Binance. It’s important not to forget them also. Without tokens at the cex the exposure of Luna to the markets would be lower.

I like the plan but the projects and teams that want to remain in this new ship should say something cause putting more time and effort without knowing if there will be any significant project to build in a new chain, at this day is very complicated

But LUNA/UST were fine ON CHAIN. …If a fork is going to occur, build slowly, don’t allow UST to go cross chain until there’s significant liquidity to go with it.

The main problem was growing too fast , too far , and way too many over leveraged users who might have been new and didn’t understand the mechanism.

This is the only legitimate option out of this situation.

A redistribution is death. You’re really gonna tell millions of people that have been buying Luna the last few days that “sorry, you’re tokens aren’t the real tokens anymore lol”, its market suicide from an already dead coin. UST is done, abandon it - Fix what can be fixed.

FFS the market cap of LUNA is only like 100m right now. End UST Minting indefinitely, buy back Luna, burn it.

Raise capital, use LFG funds, use your personal funds, do whatever it takes. Worry about fixing/compensating for UST using your dumb snapshots later.


This is not the real Do Kwon, he’s proposing something already posted on this forum yesterday.
Check here: LUNA Go Forward Proposal


I think the last tick should be $0.1 as these are the people who bought at 99.99% drop. They did not give up and kept on trusting/investing on the system even when the odds were completely against them.


But it will be worthless again when people rush to abandon ship in the new fork. The smart way is to incentivize new speculators to prop up the value to compensate hodlers. It will take a long time but speculation money will prop up value, not abandoning the chain.

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Sounding like you are giving up and wanna do one last distribution before you go. You still have chances.

At these levels, buy all the 11b UST at $0.1 average price. Which is $1.1b USD.

use collateral funds of $10b to reverse spilt 11:1 to get the coin supply to 1b (I.e burn 10b coins and keep only 1b)

Peg it back to $1. Stop trading, transfer and staking. Take time, think and layout a future plan. You have already scapegoated LUNA, nothing can be done there.


It’s not clear to me if bLuna holders are considered too for the 40%?
And how about UST staked in Anchor (aUST holders) and bLuna used as collateral in Anchor?
@dokwon or anyone in the community
Thank you in advance for your answer

Some math…

If we say there’s 10B UST “at the final moment” (actually 11B right now) and you held 10M that would be 1/1,000th of the total supply of UST. If 1B newLUNA are issued then allowing for the 40% allocation you’d get 1/2,500th of that or 400K newLUNA. newLUNA would have to reach $25 to “make you whole again” which is a $25B market cap.

Meanwhile the current market value of UST is something like $0.14 per UST (still trading on Binance and FTX) so about $1.4M if you had that 10M chunk. If newLUNA got to $3.5 price you’d be ahead of the current FMV of UST. You could just look at that as saying the market is valuing the Terra blockchain as $3.5B after the reboot.

On the LUNA side… there’s about 6T LUNA right now so a 1/1,000 stake would be 6B. That’s trading around $0.0001 on Binance and Coinbase so it would be worth $600K in the market right now. With the 10% allocation you’d get 1/10,000 of all newLUNA so 100,000. So you’d need newLUNA to get to $6 before you’d be “made whole” on your current LUNA value, or you could say the market is already valuing the post reboot newLUNA at $6B based on the pricing of current LUNA.

I’m not sure what numbers to use for the LUNA at time of the attack. Circulating supply seems to be 342M ish. Not sure how many were in TFL wallet. But let’s say again you had 1/1,000th of that or 342K LUNA you’d end up with 400K new LUNA. At the time of the depeg LUNA was trading at about $60 so you’d have had a fat stack worth $20.5M before it went down the toilet. Your new LUNA would have to reach $51 before you’d be “made whole”.

To summarize:

UST holders expecting $1 value need new LUNA to get to $25 before they are whole again. Someone buying UST right now needs it to be $3.5. UST holders who panic sold before the end only get what they made from that sale.

LUNA holders at the time of the attack fair worst needing new LUNA to reach $51 before they are whole again which would give Terra blockchain a FMV that’s 2.5X what it was when the attack started.

People holding LUNA at the end fair best needing new LUNA to reach $6 to be “made whole”, which is a FMV that’s less than 1/3 of what it was when the attack started.

(Please let me know if I made any errors so I can correct them)


what do you mean?

I believe the reputation of this clown is 100% dead. Nobody will ever give him any money for anything. This is a $60b fail right there. Bring another one.

and those who had their luna in distaking during the crisis ?

Dokwon, respectfully, your proposal is unacceptable. Those responsible for the destruction of Luna and UST token value and destruction of the LFG treasure were the criminals who caused the problem and the lack of decision or wrong decisions of the LFG Protocol and Asset Administrators and these two groups are not being properly penalized as per your responsibilities. Wanting to penalize Luna’s honest and loyal buyers during the crisis seems to me to be a bad decision, according to your proposal. Please reconsider such a proposal, as it is absurd and unfair.


You need to let USD die, it’s unpegged anyway. Luna has stopped minting, so your only chance is to start burning Luna, start trying to get Luna back up.

In these unfortunate circumstances Luna has probably become a top talked about coin, not for good reasons but people are still buying it. You need to try to work it back up in the hope more people start to jump board. With the news that Luna starts to climb, you might actually find now that half the world knows about it, it could actually head back up to where it was.

Start burning, burn whats possible, buy it back and burn it with reserves. You owe it to people who bought the dip and those who hopefully still held onto their tokens on the way down to try get back something.
All the little fish have jumped onto this, but they can’t build it back up with such a massive supply.

Once it heads back up, think about a stable coin that works more like USDT


Bottom line is the hyperinflation caused the exponential minting which caused the price to go to zero.

It needs to take into account the price bought at. Obviously if someone bought millions at pennies on the dollar, it would be different than someone who bought at 10 dollars or 40 dollars after the depeg.

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HI, Dear Do Kwon, I am a loyal investor of LUNA, I hold LUNA on the BSC chain, I believe there are many investors and supporters like me on the BSC chain, if we follow the above proposal plan, we will What happens to LUNA on the BSC chain? What do we need to do? Need to move down the Terra chain? Need to do something else?

What exactly means Luna holder? We need to set a definition of Holder. Holder is a person who does not trade. This is the person who protects the functioning of the system.Thats why first of all, Community need to take into account Luna stakers. Additionally, community need to add Liquidity Proveiders LUNA / BLUNA and LUNA / UST as the holders as they were securing swaps.

Those, who left the system and sold before serious depeg, should not be included.

I start to burn my UST only 12th May to mint Luna and sell on Binance and Hope that this UST will be counted. Can withdraw it, if needed and will be working.

Hope Do will clarify this later too.