Terra luna proposal! 9 Billion more ust and 459 Trillion more luna simples

Bring out 9 billion more ust and distribute it to the holders as this will equate to roughly 66% making them whole !!! As for luna who lost 99.99 percent of our holdings you need to issue at least 459 trillion more tokens to holders to be fair to make us whole then start a massive burn and light the candle on both ends ive done the math because i want my money back…

We would like our money back do burns on massive scales through buying and selling and more burn mechanisms also use reserves to do large scale burns as soon as these coins are issued.

As above we all get to start were we left off its never going to be 100% perfect the comeback but this is it anyone in luna before it went below 2 cents and ust just go off wallet holdings before depegging lets get this done boys and girls