Terra Podcast-Club for the DACH Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Dear Lunatics,

The Terra Ecosystem is evolving fast, especially in Asia and the US. I would love to see projects like Chai or Kado (and many more) in Europe. I think the best way to get more people involved is to spread the word.

If there is enough interest, me and a friend who are into crypto since 2017 would start a weekly podcast-club similar to a book club where discuss Terra Bites episodes or new topics in the Terra ecosystem every Sunday 4 o’clock (Central European Timezone).

We already started the podcast club unofficially and had a blast :sunny:
Are there enough German-speaking lunatics who are down??

Please react to this post and let me know your thoughts and inputs.



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Hi Nick,

I’m in Croatia and would love to listen to the podcast but it would be easier in English though I have basic knowledge of German. Nevermind, :+1: for idea and effort, we need more lunatics in Europe!