Terra Rescue Plan

First of all, I’m sorry that there are so many victims. But this brought us new ideas. The community is evolving and growing every day. What I write here is my own personal opinion. You need to talk to the stock exchanges. Why? Exchanges need to increase their commission rates. since we don’t want to burn it ourselves. We should leave that to the stock markets. For example, we may request that exchanges with a commission rate of 0.1 reduce their commission rates to 10%. Afterwards, an opinion can be expressed on the burning of 20% of the coins accumulated in the exchanges. This will add extra movement and volume. It’s not just Luna that matters here, it’s the entire cryptocurrency future. In this way, the future of Terra and the UST can be saved. Blockchain is the future.

As I mentioned in the summary above, Terra’s future can be reshaped. Also, there is no need for a new fork. People can be compensated for their losses. Since the land will be drawn continuously, it gives the terras the ability to move. This system, which always works properly, can make people happy forever. Of course terra is more than a community. Here, as an academic and metaverse architect, I present to you information. The rights of the community come first. If Terra does this, then Bitcoin vs. It will remain in the shadow of the Terran. In addition to being a global payment tool, it will be a network that everyone wants to use. Do these motivate you? I think he should. Of course, it is useful to consider that it also eliminates some financial disadvantages. A luna with a $65 billion marketcap should never give up. Remember that the ideas I’ve listed above will help make our community the most important in the world. You can thank me now. This is not our future, it is our children’s future. It is the responsibility of all community members to raise this together. Please do not ignore this. I firmly believe that we will be able to reach the highest level from zero in the near future. I’m sure previous luna holders will support this. It may take us a few months to eventually drop from the 6.5T supply level to the 650M supply level. It’s not impossible, we just need time. Considering all these counts, I want you to see that Terra does not need a new fork. Thanks.

1- It is ensured that burnings that cannot be made using the exchanges are made.
2- Terra rises from the ashes.
3- The damages of pre-Depeg holders and subsequent holders are eliminated.
4- Terra is ensured to become a global brand.
5- Global justice will be achieved.
6- Terra becomes the best and most reliable cryptocurrency in the world.

Thanks with all my heart.

Dr. Taha Yasin AKYILDIZ
Metaversal Instruction Theorist

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Sir, this is a casino, behind a Korean fried chicken dumpster.