The anger is real, but one must remain hopeful

The collapse of LUNA back in early May has greatly impacted a lot of people in many ways. Some were able to move on from the setback, while others couldn’t. The anger is real when I see a lot of campaign against LUNA 2.0 on Twitter. It shows clearly many were hurt, and seem not ready to let it go. In fact, there are possibilities if legal actions against TFL over the unfortunate incident.

I want to believe DK and his team may have done what they could to carry everyone along. However, considering billions were lost to the crash, things like this doesn’t just disappear from memories overnight. Healing would take time, if at all. But that’s not what this piece is about, basically.

I am one of the many small folks heavily impacted by the crash. I had tried to stomach it since there are those who lost much more than myself. Many who deserve much more attention than I do. But we are all humans. The little folks who had nothing to cling to following the crash, are probably the ones voicing their anger on the social platforms. I understand their pain because I feel the same way inside. But at some point we would all have to accept the reality and try to get ourselves up again.

Lastly, not intending to be selfish, I would like to be a little personal. I had supported proposals, particularly that of Fatman, and a couple of others who favored compensating small members who were more impacted. I was hoping if that were considered, there would have been at least, some hope for my likes. But none succeeded. Right now I am in distress over a debt of $700. I tried to reach out to whoever cares to lend a helping hand, but grave silence was all I got. I am helpless at the moment. And I believe there are many more like me out there.

Regardless of what happened in May, hopefully, the community will build come back stronger in the near future, and healing will eventually happen.

Not sure how much this helps but many years ago, I was in a 6-digit debt that brought me almost to filing bankruptcy. I got over it all by myself without any loans from friends or family. I trust that you will be able to overcome this.

It may be a crypto winter now but like an elevator, what goes up must come down. Vice versa in the opposite direction. It will rise again, just a matter of when.

A sidenote: it is always good to diversify our incomes. I have 4 different sources. Try to develop more sources on your end. It helps in times like now… be it crypto winter, negative macro outlook or the economic fallout due to Covid.


Wow. That’s encouraging. You’re very right about diversifying. Sometimes we learn the hard way. But with few resources and opportunities, one is prone to this kind of situation since there’s perhaps, not enough to split. I’m glad you did share your experience.