The Attack on TERRA by SCUM LEAGUE Continues

So at this point I hope you all see what’s going on in the faux “community” that has suddenly arisen crying out for burns, and buybacks, and insisting to stay on “luna classic”. This is the last phase of the attack on Terra by our enemies: to try to sow seeds of doubt (towards Do Kwon, and Terra) about their intentions constantly using divisive language like scammer, P0nzi, fraud, etc. These are classic tactics of the elite (who own all the media you see each day) to shape and form the narrative. They are now trying to put their foot on the neck of the project as it lay in the dirt and make sure we don’t think of getting up again.

Think again SCUM LEAGUE!

All I’d say is it should be clear to any real Lunatic that the narrative you see playing out on twitter re: the #BurnLuna campaign is nothing more than a disinformation campaign designed to sow max discord and confusion into the Lunatic community. I’ve been laughing reading these posts and you should too.

The powers that shouldn’t be - aka the SCUM LEAGUE of satanic lizards destined for the pits Hell for all eternity are trying hard here. Just ignore them. Don’t engage with their hired trolls (probably tweeting from Mark GoldBitch’s basement apartment).

They don’t call them scum league for nothing you know. Keep together and keep focused on Terra v2. Everything else is noise. Keep mindful that v2 will have lots of disinformation agents and spooks crawling through the community like the slithering dirty lizards that they are. Learn how to spot them.

Ya’ll think I was playing when I was calling out the yarmulkes huh? Well now you got your lesson. The question is; what are you going to do about it? Rise up? Or lay down like a goyim dog and dye?

I know what I’m doing…
Btw I’ve requested front row seats for the Scum Leaguers trial before they sentenced to the pits of hell. If I’m blessed enough I’m going to be on the jury. Maybe even their judge. Tick tock mother fukers!


Tell me how much money did you get to write this tweet, your mouth is gushing sewer, you can’t be a man osman​:bone::bone::bone:


It’s an irony that the real scum is name calling part of the community that’s asking the right questions. Do you really think people are that stupid, they can’t see what’s going on? In fact, the more you speak the more you reveal yourself.

Screenshot this people… it’ll come to good use later.


Looool definitely a attack not just on terra but also on crypto as a whole.

The buyback/burn would work.

But I think it should be a combination of both…try to do a buy back and burn, create more volume, and then fork, that way both sides of the community are appeased, but you can’t please everyone.