The easiest and clearest way:

Based on legal proceedings, based on the silence of these, only to let them spend the rest of their lives in litigation and criminal, selfish UST holders at the end of enjoying 20% of the gains, they say they are blinded? Shameless, indescribable! Where are the reserves? What are you planning? There is no other way but to file a collective lawsuit, and if there must be, it is highly likely that they will escape, give you air tokens, say as well as compensate!

The fish dies and the net breaks, and it will end up together! At least you can get these a lifetime of trouble and lawyer fees, without this determination, the project side will never come up with a piece of money and a little sincerity, especially for luna holders!

Let’s be honest. They would be surrounded by lawyers and other asset management and communication experts. Silence is terrible but their next words from the group will be the most impactful and anticipated yet. Have to get the messaging right…

The situation isn’t getting Financially worse (the damage is done to an extent)… just the reputation and uncertainty is eating up Terra. Let’s see what they have to say, when they say it… we are all hurting and emotional right now.

Pay together and let him and his family go to hell. This is the best way to fight back silence

What have you been smoking?

Since when is a lawsuit the easiest way?

TFL members were saying they are looking at these proposals. Let’s see what they say this week. They need to be careful with their next steps so I’m not surprised by the silence.

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My simplest meaning is that in fact, if the community proposal involves making them bleed, it is estimated that there will never be an actual result, and if there is a result, the community will bear the cost, they will say that they have worked hard! Quite simply, how much reserves, schedules, next steps, yes, and Koreans habitually kneel and apologize! From the whole crazy printing of luna without taking a stand to the community, and the explicit abandonment of luna, to protect ust, what are these luna holders? Garbage? Or actually said that luna is a risk asset, the loss is at your own risk?

I think you need to educate yourself on how the system works before talking about lawsuits.

Luna is meant to absorb the volatility to keep UST on peg. So yes, it can be “explicitly abandoned” to protect UST.

The “whole crazy printing” of Luna is how the system was designed. It’s not a last minute add on by Do Kwon.

They have said they will give us an update about the reserves so let’s wait and see.

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No, printing can be classified to dilution to a certain extent, but isn’t such printing currently the person who should be aware of the harm to the luna holder and irreparable? Why not stop trading in the middle in time, announce this purpose, reverse understanding, that is, there is a purpose to implement the luna holder at the expense of the ust holder, and tell you that it is the system… I can tolerate a certain dilution, but I can never tolerate such obvious humiliation! The cessation of the transaction is made by the exchange, and the resumption of the transaction I can only say is that the exchange may help luna based on some interest, but these are definitely not the initiative of the project party, their only purpose is to protect their own assets!

I’m very clear about how the system works. UST holders enjoy 20% gains without volatility, and then high-income people say they are being deceived by others?

It’s 19.5% over the course of a YEAR (actually18% at time of depeg). Luna sees 20% gains in a single day. You cant be serious in comparing the two.

And the only people who got into Luna when it was in it’s death spiral are people who had no clue how the system works or traders who are taking advantage of the volatility. You shouldn’t invest in things without knowing how they work.

You can also perhaps blame Cexs for allowing people to buy into Luna when it was being diluted into oblivion. They should have put up a warning to warn people.

According to the logic of marketization, and this respected project leader, shouldn’t this warning be issued by the project party to clarify? Problems, push to the exchange and investor education, no problem, is the project great, unique? That’s ironic! The existence of exchange transactions is to provide liquidity, and finally forced the exchange to stop before it may give some replies, and such shamelessness? The exchange is not a good guy, but it’s not a bad guy either, and the one who needs to be held accountable is the leader of this luna!

Where do the proceeds of ust come from? 20% gains do they all think are sustainable and safe? To say that luna alone is a risk asset is simply a mixed-up!

It came from Luna’s price appreciating greatly over the last couple of months. It was not sustainable but it served a purpose - as a marketing tool to get more people into the system.

So, one of the points, is that ust itself is a risk asset, and its source also depends on luna holders, any attempt to say that they are hoodwinked, I can only say shameless!!

In addition to prosecution, there is no other way. Under the circumstance that he is preparing to fork, if someone goes to extremes and goes beyond the scope of the law, I think it is understandable. It is sold off-market, with no details, whether btc is saving the community or its goddamn friend is currently unknown; it is ready to fork, trying to make new money from old seeds, and regardless of the current disaster, it does not want to shell out a Divide money to respond to the community, which was foreseen in my previous reply! It fork has another purpose, which is to destroy all relevant transaction details in an attempt to exonerate! If the damn people are still ready to believe it, just say you wait to be buried! The purpose of the fork is that you use money to create this brand for him. It feels that it has the value of making money and does not want to give up, but obviously if it is done from the repurchase, this will make it feel at a loss, so it must be represented by a new air currency. Its compensation, while regaining control of this community without spending a penny, for a chance to earn money!

By the way, the community helped it get a huge reserve. Now the main reserve has no transaction details, only one name: it was used to save the community but it didn’t work! I don’t want to give you the rest, hope you continue to supply it with money, screw it up, the problem is you, how does it feel like the Fed: the dollar is ours, the problems and disasters are yours! Can the community tolerate such a shameless, arrogant, and extremely greedy animal?