The elefant in the room. The profits of minting in the days of crisis

Im realizing there is one topic that no one is talking about, and introducing it, should change all discusion related fairness in the current crisis.

First of all some calculations:

Around 40% of the luna coins before the crisis, was minting. This is around 150 milions of coins.
This 150 milions was directly by the minting process the responsible of minting 6906623000000 coins in 3 days which get the result that for each coin that was minting 45800 coins was created.

This coins at the current market price have a value of 11 dollars. Could has been sold by more or by less, or being keep, which is pure free decision of their owner… And for many who bought the coins earlier, 11 dollars is already more of what they invested to buy the coin.

Which is 100% clear is that for any new minted coin sold in the market, it was one seller who now have value in fiat or other token, and one buyer who now have it in Luna (if has not sold later)

And this should put in the picture, that even the more leal people to the project, the ones that had the coins in stake for long term have recovered value on the crisis and cant be just understood as victims. Many of them have now profited significative value in fiat or other tokens and this cant be reverted!

There is any sense in make them to get profit of the situation twice, by a new chain forked based in snapshot before the crisis?
I dont think so, and you?

Any defendant of the fork, could justify this, after accounting the staking profits??