The Most Cost effective way for current situation

Its a community based massive luna burn project to stabilize the system. create a wallet. Everyone must donate a fixed amount of their tokens to validate the rest that is held in that wallet.
pre de peg holders donate 10% of total holdings
post de peg holders donate 98% of total holdings

  1. divide all current holders of luna based on before and after de peg
  2. Before de peg total circulating supply is about 350 million
    If they donate 10% of it
    We have, 10% of 350000000 = 35000000 luna for burn
  3. after de peg approx circulating supply is 6.5 trillion
    If they donate 98% of it
    We have , 6532645727609 - 350000000 = 6532295727609 new luna tokens
    98% of 6532295727609 = 6401649813056 luna for burn
    Total , 6401649813056 + 35000000 = 6401684813056 luna for burn