The Most Rational Path Forward for LUNA (3 Simple Steps)

Regardless of the different timeframes, how is that you are planning to actually reimburse value for the holders? By distributing (now diluted) LUNA, did I get that right?

Cubics plan is better than yours - it uses average entry weighting for distribution but yours use time criteria - holding on the last second before.
your plan is not fair as in last hour couple thousand billions of luna had been printed

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Accept the New reality. It’s not an avengers movie to reset everything back to a particular days snapshot.

Its unfair to current buyers. This would set a bad example for anyone to become a new Lunatic.

The way forward is simple. Buy 100 mill worth of luna from open market. Hold it for 3-5 years.

Give time and Let luna come back. Eventually over a period of time, even old investors will recover most of their loses.

Redistribution based on purchase date of may 10th is nothing but a SCAM. Its nothing but LOOTING money from new investors and giving it to the old investor. Please dont scam new Lunatics.

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This is a very solid idea. One of the first I’ve seen that attempts to leave no one behind.

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Strongly disagree with the proposal. It would be close to impossible to give everyone their fair share. An old buyer could’ve bought for $100 and someone post-attack could’ve bought for $80 considering it as “just another dip”. Many people could’ve also traded their old holdings (e.g. sell immediately during attack and buy later at a cheaper price) and so do they get included in the pre-attack or post-attack or both?

There is a flaw with all proposals. Not a single one is fair to both sides and just applies a blanket category or preferences to a group of holders ignoring their actions within (gets a lot more complicated if we dive in).

The only sensible solution would be to come up with a plan to burn the excess Luna, i.e. become deflationary. Can be done via several methods e.g. buybacks using fees/reserve, incentives, immediately burn unclaimed tokens, etc. This would be a long-term approach and it’s what’s best for growth. Forking the chain with undemocratic distribution (even the most sensible solution would guarantee an unfair distribution). We would inevitably further divide the community and become another meme.

A long-term burn plan will reward all holders and by then trust would’ve regained. A quick fix/workaround (as in the general tech world) almost never solves the actual problem.


The revival plan suggested by Kwon is far better when used in conjunction with post titled- " A Sensible Decision-making Framework

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+1 this


The fairest one for sure, until now…

100% Agree on this, even tho they might be the most sensible solutions they just won’t be fair… Sometimes things in life just don’t work out and need to start from the ground up again even if it takes a long time and deflationary i believe would resolve things over time. We aren’t here for overnight millionaires anyways,

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While I think you’re right, the only way to solve the problem is to burn a very large quantity of luna, the problem with that is you will be asking for a very large pool of assets to do so. To prop up the price of something which has proven it can spiral to zero. Who would risk those assets? Who even has them?

This is the best solution I have ever but Why the hell I did not see this?


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Please accept this propose.

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Absolutely, this is one thing which needs more attention than anything else, SECURITY.

We should ensure that attackers do not get any tokens at all, neither UST, nor LUNA acquired bduring the attack and the one being . They must have used several bots for purchase until chain halt, and even the other bots had highly unfair advantage over the general users.

Let’s leave no stone unturned to ensure that all the vulnerabilites which have creeped in until chain halt do not creep inside the new LUNA/UST system via new token distribution, code, liquidity, shady backers, etc.

There is no proposal that will replace my everything I lost, from my business, to my savings, to savings of my family.

I can’t restart easily at 53. I am devastated and angry. Because Do Kwon made millions will Luna and will find ways not to lose his house or some assets. I know, I am a lawyer. You create companies, separate entities.

I lost 100,000$ US and I was not in Luna. A stable coin that was not stable….
Some people should pay for that.

Do Kwon, sell your house and send me back what I lost in Ethereum at


You must repair your mistakes.

The money I lost in UST was in the wallet