The team just doesn’t want to take the money to solve the problem!

Some people have calculated that you have enough money to pay back to the vast majority of poor UST holders, but you just don’t want to do it. Even if you offend 95% of people, you must maintain your ecology and your money.
Everyone knows that money can solve this problem immediately, but the solutions you give are always how to spend less money and solve this problem without spending money. You are afraid of giving money directly to users. The future in this industry includes the safety of your own and those around you. The bottom line is that you don’t want to take your money out!
Your proposal is very complicated, but it just doesn’t give much money back to the victims. If you do implement the proposal, you will regret it, you cannot bear the anger of the people! ! All of you will go to jail! !
If you do this, you will piss everyone off, you and your team will be completely ruined, your projects will be worthless, just for the money in your pocket, you can fool yourselves into believing and there are people who believe in you, you talk about losing this The most important thing in the industry, trust and consensus
I lost my life savings, 350,000UST! If there is no reasonable solution, I will not let you go if I Dle! !


Why aren’t you guys angry that their proposals will be moot at all, give everyone a blank check, everyone will lose hope, just afraid to give us the money directly, no one is angry?

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I am angry about this too, they still cannot explain where the reserve goes to, those reserve is meant to be pegging the UST (as CZ binance said), I believe those reserve is in Binance and Gemini, those exchanges should freeze the fund immediately, until a cash compensation plan comes up.

From Kwon’s proposal, I think he just want to keep the fund to restart LUNA (as LUNA2) instead of paying debt to UST holders (before depegging, who buy at 1:1 dollar) first.


All of their proposals revolve around a central point, how to solve a problem without spending money, they don’t want to take money out of their pockets! ! Irresponsible, they just want to make way for themselves, and when the project is really over, they still have money!

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The community needs to start hammering on everyone associated with these people. Start demanding answers. Almost all have been silent and offered nothing more than “We’re sorry.”

Kakao Ventures
HashKey Capital
LuneX Ventures
Coinbase Ventures
Galaxy Digital
Binance Labs
Huobi Capital
Jump Capital


The whole thing is a huge conspiracy, with capitalists hiding in the dark, and some murderers pretending to be good people. The victims are us ordinary people! Can’t keep silent any longer!

I agree - freeze the funds on binance and gemini


agree - if I didnt know VC I would say they are all talking about what to do in their own interests first then the community - there may be an outlier or two…

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This is probably quite a difficult situation to navigate. I would give them the benefit of the doubt for the moment. No doubt an investigation will happen and all conspiracies will be uncovered if there are any. For the moment I would just assume they have just f***d up and they are trying to work out what the hell to do about it.

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Let’s make him feel the pressure of a lawsuit to make sure he’s not going to use the funds for a new project

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Yes, the biggest mistake in this matter is that when an accident occurs, the first consideration is not how to compensate, even if it is only a part of it first, and then paid monthly. Instead, think about how to start a new project first, they don’t care about our money, they only care about their own money, they want to keep the money they have made

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I agree - there are alot of stakeholders with different alignment and the industry at large will be watching them and their reputations…

that was immature and definitely not crisis management :frowning:

The victims of this accident are divided into different groups, and I think they should solve the problem for a larger group first. After the problems of these people are solved, they will bring a lot of prestige and credibility to the team, and will also bring more heat to their new tokens. People are the foundation of everything.

You made an investment and knew the risks…stop acting like you deserve something. Im down 500k in the current stock market and NOBODY is giving me my money back. On top of that I lost a couple grand on LUNA but again thats my own fault. Im not asking for a hand out cause nobody forced me to buy.

Anyone that has their “life savings” in crypto really need your head checked. “You should never invest more than you are willing to lose” remember that…ESPECIALLY IN CRYPTO.

The value of LUNA comes from the UST% gain. The pursuit of UST 20% is a good risk, but this level of risk is completely different from LUNA. UST should take up to 20% of the risk, but LUNA is not a stable currency, and it itself has volatility risks. I think it is reasonable that the holder of the UST could receive 80% of the compensation

I think that the term stablecoin does not guarantee anything. All currencies are prone to hyper-inflation and variability on value at the very least. Nothing is guaranteed but we look at the proposition and judge what is safe and what is not. It is unfortunate if people understood a stablecoin to be a guaranteed thing. I was very well aware of the risks of any stable coin, even ones backed by assets. Hell even your bank has risks associated with it. You do remember the GFC?

It’s common knowledge that StableCoins are risky. There are many discussions about the fact that stablecoins are only meant for temporary transactions and not to be held overnight for large amounts? When you did your research, you understood the risks didn’t you?